5 Essential Things For Your Electric Bike

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In this age of modern technology, everything is turning electronic. A revolutionary invention of this age is the electric bike. It has contributed greatly to keeping our planet green.

Even though people are starting to understand its importance and buying it, most of them don’t know much about the accessories needed for an electric bike.

So this is an article full of information about the 5 essential things for your electric bike.

The Five Essentials – Electric Bikes

If you are willing to buy an electric bike, you also have to consider buying some important accessories with it.

There are many accessories available for an electric bike. You might not need all of them but there are some key essential ones that you cannot afford not to have.

So, the 5 essential things for your electric bike are as follows:

1. Helmets

“Safety first,” and I cannot stress this enough. Just like for riding every other type of bike, a helmet is absolutely the first and foremost thing that the rider should own and wear while riding.

Nowadays, you can find helmets for electric bikes with lights integrated within them.  The Torch Apparel T2 Bike Helmet is an example of that.

I am currently using the Lumos Kickstart Helmet. It has white, red and yellow integrated LED lights that work as signal lights and turning lights. It is a very lightweight helmet weighing just a pound. So it’s really comfortable to wear as well.

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2. Lights

Next on the list of safety accessories are lights. You need lights on your electric bike to be on the road at night.

It’s better to have the pre-installed lights on your electric bike that uses the battery of your electric bike for its power.

An electric bike such as e-Joe Gadis has quality lights installed like the Supernova.

Although you can also install aftermarket LED bike lights. Make sure to buy the rechargeable ones if you are installing aftermarket LED lights on your bike.

3. Water

You cannot overlook the importance of carrying water wherever you go by your electric bike. It’s better to have accessories to carry drinking water than getting dehydrated or in the worst-case scenario, having a heat stroke.

You can buy trunk bags that come with bottle holsters if you have a rear rack on your electric bike.

Then there are the stand-alone hydration packs that you can carry on your back. These are lightweight. They come with a magnetic straw and a removable & washable water reservoir.

Another alternative is to install side-load cages on your bike to carry water bottles.

4. Suspension

This is a very important accessory among the 5 essential things for your electric bike.

You can easily get physically fatigued and have pain in the back, neck, and your arms while riding off-road. So having a good suspension on your electric bike is absolutely necessary.

You can consider buying a full suspension electric mountain bike if you ride off-road a lot.

Other than pre-installed suspensions, you can also go for aftermarket suspensions. The suspension seat post is one of the aftermarket essentials for off-road biking.

Another area to install suspension is the stem of your electric bike. But do keep in mind that extra suspension in this area might affect your steering.

5. Flat Protection and Air

Having flat protection is a significant thing if you own an electric bike.

Ebikes weigh more than an ordinary bicycle. Besides they are ridden further than normal bicycles. So the air gets out of the tubes comparatively faster than that of unpowered bicycles.

Flat protection for the tubes of electric bikes can be ensured by pumping slime liquid sealant into the tubes. You can also just go ahead and buy pre-slimed tubes. Another option would be upgrading to puncture protection Kevlar-lined tires.

Now that you know about the essentials for flat protection, it’s time to tell you about the portable pumps and CO2 cartridges. Air might go out at any time, you’ll never know. So instead of walking that heavy thing home, life will be a lot easier for you if you just keep a portable pump with you. That way, you can pump air into the tubes whenever and wherever you have to. CO2 cartridges might be one-time but they are lightweight and fast.

Some other essentials for your electric bikes that should be mentioned are:

  • Locks
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Padded Pants
  • Storage

Closing Words

So those were the 5 essentials for your electric bikes. If you have the above accessories with your electric bike, you’ll see how comfortable and easy riding turns out to be for you. These will also ensure a safer riding experience.

I hope this read was worth your time and also worth your future adventures on your electric bike.

And as always, Ride Safe, Folks!