Johnny Lujan – Owner

My name is Johnny and I’m based out of the heart of the Rocky Mountains. I am the owner of Cyclingity.com.

I’ve been an avid biker since a very young age. I quickly got rid of the training wheels when I was around 2 years old and haven’t stopped biking since!

I grew up at a junkyard that my grandfather owned which allowed me to tinker with bikes for most of the day. I would build my own bikes from the bikes we would get into the junkyard and eventually break them and start all over again.

I’ve done everything from BMX to motocross so I’m well versed when it comes to things on two wheels. I currently ride either my mountain bike, road bike, or exercise bike at least 2-3 times a week. When summer rolls around I try to get on my mountain bike several times a week.

My wife has really gotten into mountain biking since we’ve been married and has really grown her skills. So whenever I’m on the trail she’s out there with me! That’s one of the reasons this site has articles for women’s gear and bikes. We wanted to make sure we helped out everybody looking to get into the sport!

I still do most of my own maintenance on my own bikes and I really do enjoy it.

Join me on this wonderful cycling journey.

Festus Miriti – Contributor

I have been riding since childhood. Over the years I have owned many different kinds of bikes and made it my mission to learn as much about them as I can.

Cyclingity.com is my effort to share with others everything that I have learned over the years. I make each post as easy to understand as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man, woman or child. You will find information here that will help in your cycling adventure, be it choosing the best bike for your needs, the right size of bike, repair or learn something new about bicycles.

I also aim to clarify common misconceptions based on my personal knowledge and through extensive research and consultations with other bike enthusiasts I have met over the years.

I am reachable at [email protected]

Anne Miller Contributor

My parents were busy, and they encouraged us to become independent when we were quite young. We weren’t driven around like our peers. Instead, we were bought good, sturdy bikes and safety gear, and were expected to cycle to school and back, to friends’ and relatives’ houses, and everywhere that was within cycling distance.

My first bike was a gift from my parents when I turned 4, and I have owned and used many different bicycles since then.

My contribution to this blog will be about women’s bikes; I have used many different types of women’s bicycles over the years and learned quite a bit. Growing up, my Dad taught me how to fix bikes, and I also worked at our local bike shop for about a year. I will try to share what I know in a way that’s non-technical and easy to understand.

All you ladies out there, whether you are a beginner or experienced, a casual or competitive cyclist, feel free to get in touch with any questions or to swap tips and information. I would love to hear from you!