Ancheer Electric Bike Review – The Best Budget Mountain Electric Bike (Updated 2022)

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One of the inventions suited to the human body is a bicycle and a pair of socks. And talking about bikes, there have been some amazing modifications in the ways of biking. Talk about modern times, and the trail-lovers know that the perks of being born in this era are more on off-road adventures than couching online. Who doesn’t like a hybrid combination of a mechanical-electronic conjecture, but oh, then there’s budget. Halt! Do we have something to review? Indeed, if you are ready to pedal along with this Ancheer Electric Bike Review.

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  • Wheel Diameter: 26inch
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Saddle tube: Aluminum Alloy seat tube
  • Pedal: Aluminum Alloy Pedal
  • Net weight: About 23kg/50lbs
  • Load capacity: 150kg/330lbs
  • Brake Style: Dual-disc-brakes
  • Number Of Speeds: 21 speed shifter
  • Lithium-ion Battery: 36V 12.5Ah
  • Maximum speed: 20mph
  • Mileage: 25-45miles
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Motor: 500W 

Features – Ancheer Electric Bike Review

Ancheer is a known name when it comes to the brand which makes quality sports gear. Since 2015 Ancheer is on a remarkable rise in its market and popularity, considering the electric mountain bikes. Based in California, Ancheer has a strong demand in most parts of the world.
When it comes to making sustainable adventure bikes, Ancheer never compromises with the design and additional features. The 250/500W 26’ mountain e-bike is no exception and is one of the most trusted commodities delivered by the brand.

Ancheer mountain e-bike is a combination of the sturdy frame with a modern concept dwelled in eye-catching colors. This e-bike runs on a 500 W powerful brushless motor, which gives a super-charged riding experience even on a bumpy track. The bike can easily sustain a load up to 150 kilograms or 330 pounds, but to exceed might wear the gears of the e-bike.

Frame & Design
The bike body is made of Aluminum alloy, so the overall weight of the e-bike is only about 50 pounds. While the fork is made of strengthened steel, all the major conventions of this e-bike are customizable according to the height, weight, purpose, or strength of an individual.

This mountain e-bike is a 26 inches wheel size that comes in two color styles i.e dynamic red or another variant of classic black. Both look good, but it depends on the style of the consumer. This bike is a symbol of toughness and endurance, so it is easily the choice of male teens. However, the bike suits aptly on girls as well as boys due to its design and adjustability.

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Battery & Motor
With the removable battery of 8/12.5Ah, this e-bike gives a long range of movement without the worry of power. The charging time for a full battery is less, 6 hours to the mileage of 30-45 miles. Moreover, the e-bike comes with 21-speed gears. So, even on manual pedaling, the bike is as easy as an original but better.

And to talk about a single charge, this Ancheer mountain bike can traverse 40-50 miles depending on the trail and load throughout. There is also an option to customize the meter of the bike to a mix, and now you know what we were talking about in the introduction. You can mix the electric and manual power to experience a powerful ethereal adventure on a ride.

What we get from many riders is that they believe the battery system in this bike is exceptionally efficient as they often claim that they are very happy with the battery life and the range delivered by the Ancheer mountain e-bike.

On another note, the motor work is exceptionally top-notch as you can barely listen to any extra sound as of wheel and road. On the third level, upon pickup, the motor might sound hearable as it tries to create more pull. Ancheer generally do not intend to make it challenging for their customers if they need warranty help on the motor or the replacement on any part.

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The safety of movement is ensured via dual disk brakes and 21 speed Shimano gears, which anyone with experience knows are the best of the kind. On the electric mode, the bike can easily reach up to 20 miles per hour. But in the manual mode, the sky’s the limit.

Another serene aspect of this e-bike is that you do not have to think twice about meddling in a shallow puddle of water or rain dirt due to its electronic components.

The LG high-speed motor is IP65 water-resistant, and the frame is aluminum alloy which does not corrode easily. The safety of the battery is key-locked and is a very secure feature and cannot be found in many other e-bikes of the exact pricing. Talking about money, considering all the features, we would say that the bike is duly priced. Conclusively, the Ancheer mountain e-bike is a proper subsistence of vigor and joy.

The delivery of the bike comes with an easy-to-understand assembly guide, and it merely takes an hour at max to get the machine up on the road. All the essential parts come pre-assembled. However, the frame and wheels need a bit of handwork.

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The brand offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is different for different parts and components of the bike. If you feel the need to return the bike, you can contact the Ancheer after-sales customer support for the same, strictly under seven days. Besides, for the replacement of the delivered e-bike, if any quality problems occur it needs to be done under 15 days from the date of delivery.

Though the delivery is free of charge, at first but after one year, the customer has to pay for the cost of delivery of the concerned parts. On the frame and the battery, Ancheer provides the warranty of 1 year, but on tires, fork, brakes, saddle, central axis, seat clamp, it is of 3 months. Head on to this link for more information about the warranty.

Some setbacks

  • The Ancheer ebike is a popular concept, so the element of show-off might fade away when you see your mates tuning along in an Ancheer cycle.
  • There is no provision for a water bottle carrier.
  • It is not a professional-grade e-bike; mountain bikes cost even ten times more than the price of Ancheer. However, compared to the performance and accessibility of the competitors, Ancheer stays one of the top mountain e-bikes at the price point.

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Verdict – Ancheer Electric Bike Review

It is hoped that in this Ancheer Electric Bike Review, you get to know all that you seek. Ancheer is a growing name in the market. You oblige and it reveals a powerful machine combined with modern aesthetics and a beautiful worth of money. If you are thinking about buying one. We would say it’s a good decision to track. Do not forget to share with us your experience if you get yours soon.