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How far is too far to commute on a bike?

If you are planning to do some workouts and also get to different places in time, then bike commuting is probably the best way for you. Using a bike to travel from one place to another is not a bad idea but refreshing, and it keeps you physically fit.

If you look closely, you’ll see that cars are expensive and public transport can sometimes take a lot of time. So bike commuting will be a good option.

But a question might arise as you think, how far is too far to commute on a bike? Let’s find out, shall we?

Distance Measures Difficulty

According to most of the riders, the more distance you commute, the more difficult it will be for you to stay on your bike. Now it all depends on you, how long can you stay on a bike.

If your traveling distance is from 0 to 10 miles, then it’s completely fine and won’t be much of a problem to commute. If your distance is from 11 to 20 miles per day, it will start getting rough, which is a lot and a bit too much distance.

A few riders ride 23 to 26 miles every day, and I would call them veterans because that’s crazy. Staying on a bike for that long is not that easy.

Average bicycle commute distance

You Need to be Fit

Commuting a bike requires a lot of stamina, and so if you feel that you are out of shape, then don’t ride too far. If you previously e cycle the long way, then you might get the hang of it, but if you start taking this, then you’re stuck in the middle of the road.

But if you eat healthily and stay fit from time to time, you can go and start riding with full energy and see how far you can go. Be aware cause I’m warning you. If you try too hard, you won’t be able to go too far as you’ll need to push yourself harder every day, which requires a lot of strength and stamina.

So most importantly, you need to stay fit.

Is your path too risky?

The path you are planning to commute can be risky. Sometimes the path you choose might have a lot of traffic, or if it’s on the hillside, then it might be full of rocks. If you plan to ride through a public place, then there is a high possibility for you to bump into an accident.

There is always an alternative way, right? Let’s say that you have two ways to reach your destination. One of the paths is entirely safe, but it is too long, and the other path is a shortcut, but sometimes the traffic gets you. Now the question is, which one will you choose?

So before you start to commute, you need to measure each path’s risks and benefits and then make a decision.

Can you fix your own bike?

The more you ride, the more your bike will require maintenance because it’s a machine, after all. You need to know how to fix your own bike as you commute.

Even if you don’t know how to fix your own bike, I will suggest you keep some spare tube pumps and levers. This might come in handy from time to time.

If you have one of the best commuter bikes, then you won’t be facing many problems.

How long will it take? Commuting vs Driving

It is obvious that driving saves more time than commuting. However, it differs from one situation to another. If you are commuting on an open road, it might take you some time, but it will take you less time in terms of driving.

Driving has its own benefits; you have the powered-up motors to get you from one place to another; you can easily access the highway and flyover that you can’t use while commuting on a bike.

On the other hand, when the road is full of traffic, you can slip past all the vehicles while commuting on a bike by cycling through the alleyways and use different shortcuts to reach your destination.

So you see that each method has its own benefits. It all depends on where you are riding and in which situation you are in.

Is Commuting Every Day a Good Idea?

The answer is no. It doesn’t matter how physically fit you are, commuting every day is a bad idea.

I have seen a lot of riders going through burnout for commuting every day. It is completely fine not to ride and take a day off to rest your body muscles.

Commuting every day is very exhausting, and when you start participating in a long commute, you should definitely take a day off and rest in your home.

Is it okay to carry heavy bags while commuting?

Carrying essentials while commuting is okay, but if you start carrying heavy luggage or laptops, then it’s an issue.

Carrying heavy bags and commuting requires a lot of hard work. I would recommend that you not carry heavy loads as you commute but even if you have to, then look for a shorter way home because it’s definitely not worth the risk.

Focus on what you can bear; sometimes you’ll need to carry a lot of documents and essentials to work, but if it feels too hard for you to commute on a bike, then let it be and take a car instead.


Now measure yourself and calculate how far you can commute on a bike. As you commute, everything matters! Your bike, your languages, your distance, your path, your stamina, everything.

Commuting on a bike might seem pretty easy, but you start getting the feel as you begin to commute. Just don’t cross your limits, or else you will be in a world of pain. So try to stay safe.