Best Mid-Drive Electric Bikes Reviews 2022

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Looking for the Best Mid-Drive Electric Bikes?

The world of electric bikes is moving rapidly. The technology is continuously improving and tweaking. It takes a short time for fresh equipment to be introduced. This changes the industry significantly.

Most early electric bike designs are powered by a hub motor. They’re located in the middle of the back or front wheel and are completely independent of the pedals working.

Lately, mid-drive motor is becoming increasingly popular. The motor is positioned more centrally and the power moves to the back wheel via the chain.

In this article, we’ve reviewed and compiled the best mid-drive electric bikes.

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Top 5 Mid-Drive Electric Bikes Reviews Comparison Table 

Best Mid-Drive Electric Bikes Reviews

1. Co-op Cycles CTY e2.2 Electric Bike (4.6* rating from 48+ reviews)

Best Mide Drive ebike
  • Best for urban commuting
  • 4hrs charge time
  • Pedal assist up to 20 mph
  • Range of 50 miles


Best UseUrban Cycling
E-Bike ClassificationClass 1: pedal assist up to 20 mph
MotorShimano E6100 250W with Shimano E8010 36V/504Wh battery (max torque output 60Nm)
Motor TypeMid-Drive, 60 Newton meters
Battery Type & capacityLithium Ion with 504 watt-hours capacity
Charge Time (hrs)4 hours
Pedal Assist Range50 miles
Bike Frame MaterialAluminum
Bike SuspensionFront Suspension
ShiftersShimano Acera, Rapidfire plus, 9-speed
Rear DerailleurShimano Alivio RD-M3100, 9-speed
Rear CogsShimano HG200; 11-34, 9-speed
Number of Gears9 gear(s)
Brake TypeShimano Altus Hydraulic Disc Brake

Co-op Cycles CTY e2.2 Electric Bike is a good choice for commuting to work or school, or just want a better way of getting around town. It has a range of up to 50 miles and it can go up to 20 mph. So whether you want to pedal or not, this ebike will get you where you’re going!

It has a 27.5-inch wheel with an aluminum frame which makes it lightweight and durable. The seat can be adjusted so that it suits both commuters as well as city cyclists.

This bike is equipped with a mid-drive electric motor that provides power assistance when needed, making it easier to pedal with heavy loads, hills, or headwinds.

The Lithium-Ion 504Wh battery is removable and comes with an ABUS lock that makes it safe to park outside. The battery also features a USB charger port so you can charge your phone with the same cord you use to charge the bike’s battery!

It also has 9-speed levels to suit different needs and a 75mm of front suspension, which absorbs the bumps and shocks that a rider encounters in rough terrains.

The rack on the back of the e2.2 can be used to attach panniers so that the bike can be used to commute to work or get groceries with ease.

This bike is ideal for shorter riders. It’s easier to get on and off because it has a step-through design so there’s no fear of hitting the ground when getting off.

2. Cannondale Adventure Neo 4 Bike (4.5* rating)

Mid Drive ebike
  • Ideal for recreational cycling
  • Unisex
  • Range of 64 miles
  • Pedal assist up to 20 mph


Best UseRecreational Cycling
E-Bike ClassificationClass 1: pedal assist up to 20 mph
MotorBosch Active Line
Motor TypeMid-Drive
Motor Torque (Nm)50 Newton meters
Battery Type & capacityLithium Ion with 400 watt hours. Removable
Charge Time (hrs)3.5 hours
Pedal Assist Range64 miles
Bike Frame MaterialAluminum
FrameSmartForm C3 Alloy step-through frame

Cannondale is a bicycle manufacturer that has been in the industry for many years. They are committed to making original and innovative bicycles. The Adventure Neo 4 Bike is a great example of this!

The Cannondale Adventure Neo 4 Bike 2021 is made using a lightweight aluminum frame and has a motor that can reach 20 miles per hour. The bike is also fitted with a sensor in the front hub to monitor wheel speed, so you can know when you need to change gears and prevent any accidents.

Plus, the Shimano drivetrain with its nine speeds will give you the right gear ratio for any terrain or speed

The bike is equipped with a Shimano 2x10spd drivetrain that provides the rider an accurate gear of the ground conditions. The disc brakes are hydraulic and offer a progressive braking system to provide maximum stopping power and control.

3. Nakto Ranger 300W Electric Mountain Bike

Best Mid-Drive Electric Bikes Reviews

The Nakto Electric Mountain Bike has a trendy design, and with it, it’s easy to defeat any mountain you never thought you would. They’re made of a high-quality 100% aluminum alloy frame. The electric bike’s front fork is manufactured using a high-steel that has premium impact absorption, and a 26-inch aluminum wheel with two layers.

With this electric mid-drive bike you can select any speed as per your requirements as it has front and back disc brakes and a Shimano 6-speed cogwheel. The mechanical dual disc bark ensures your safety.

The mid-drive bike comes with a smart lithium charger, with which you can cycle for up to 25 miles. It has a power output of 300W of high-speed brushless cogwheel engines. It allows you to feel the breeze and relish the great outdoors.

The electric bike also has an LCD that displays battery percentage, average velocity, clock, watts or amp, odometer, range, and a trip meter, making cycling easier. For night riding, the electric mid-drive bike comes with a horn and a luminous LED headlamp.


  • It allows you to choose your preferred speed, thanks to the Shimano 6-speed gear.
  • The electric bike is durable.
  • The LED headlamp enables you to ride the bike even during the night.
  • When fully charged, the battery lasts longer.


  • The electric bike’s key must stay in when cycling and, therefore, they jingle a lot.

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4. Emojo Runner X 20-Inch 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Best Mid-Drive Electric Bikes Reviews

The Emojo 500W 20-Inch Mid-Drive Electric Bike has a foldable aluminum frame. This implies that you can fold it easily and carry it in a car boot or a garage. It’s also ideal for people with limited storage room. It’s driven by a 500W engine and can easily ascend hills with a near-vertical gradient and cycle at top speed.

The bike is also equipped with 20-inch fat tires that help absorb impacts and can ride through intricate situations such as rocky roads and uneven paths much easier.

The tires of the bike make it meet your off-road requirements while still offering excellent traction. With the ideal amount of grip, you can ride through any road, pass through difficulties, ascend the steepest hills, and cycle down hilly areas easily.

Fat tires have a broad contact surface with the earth’s surface. This makes cycling cozy. The tires absorb bumps, and stress and, therefore, the rider doesn’t feel a thing. Regardless of whether it’s snow, mud, sand, or intricate situations the electric bike can ride through it.

The bike utilizes a 7-speed transmission that’ll guide you through all the courses you select. It helps in customizing the bike’s function and allows you to take on challenges one at a time. If you engage the lower cogwheels, pedaling will be easier. The higher gears offer better movement when cycling downhill.


  • You can ride the electric bike on loose sand or gravel as it has fat tires.
  • The saddle is large and comfortable.
  • You can switch off the bike’s motor and cycle just like an ordinary bicycle.
  • It can fit in any small space as it’s foldable.


  • The mid-drive electric bike is somewhat costly.

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5. X-Treme Rocky Road 500W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

mid drive electric bike

The 500-watt X-Treme Mountain Bike is ideal for riders who love the appearance and buzz of monster-sized tires. The bike’s oversized hydraulic forks also have to cushion bumps on the trail. It’s made of premium quality materials, components, and delivers excellent functionality.

This mid motor electric bike is equipped with first-class components such as rear suspension, hydraulic front forks, 500 watts engine, disc brakes, enhanced lithium battery, Shimano 9-speed shifter and gears, and excessively large mountain bike tire.

The engine has a power output of 500 watts; this is 200 watts more than other X-Treme electric bike designs. With this mid-drive engine, you can get to a top speed of 25 mph with sufficient torque to tackle medium-sized hills and mountainous areas without cycling.

The 48 volts battery system can take you up to a distance of 70 miles with the help of a pedal assist. It’s easy to remove the battery pack as it’s equipped with a key lock. It can be charged remotely. The X-Treme 500-watt mountain bike comes with SPAS (Smart Power Assist System).

When flipping the switch, the engine supplies power to the rear wheel. The power output relies on the five settings you select.


  • It’s one of the most affordable bikes in this list.
  • The bike’s aluminum frame makes it light, supple, and rustproof.
  • The speed controls enable you to select the power consumption.
  • Thanks to the oversized tires, the bike is ideal for any terrain.


  • It requires a bit of assembly.

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6. T4B Hiko Pulse 500W Low Step Electric Bike

mid drive electric bike

The T4B Electric Bike is designed for city riders who treasure quality, functionality, and careful design. It’s highly-technical and slim aluminum frame offers you a feeling of an epicurean and sleek cycling experience.

The electric mid-drive bike is ideal as a city commuter and it’s great for going shopping. It’s also fit for cycling on dirt roads and gravel bike tracks. The electric bike also features a back wheel drive motor that produces a maximum torque of 48 Nm and more, reaching higher velocity.

The rear wheel motor’s position ensures more-balanced cycling. It’ll feel more innate because all the weight is uniformly distributed across the frame. The bike’s li-ion battery is removable as it has a key lock. It can also be charged on and off the bike by connecting it to a normal household socket. The battery takes 5 hours to be completely charged.

The electric bike has a range of up to 80 km if you’re cycling in the Eco mode, and a low of 50 km when cycling on the quickest mode with a load capacity of 130 kg. The LCD is detailed as it displays all information about the trip, comprising average km/h, maximum distance available, and the total distance covered in km.


  • The mid-drive electric bike’s height can be adjusted.
  • It’s lightweight and long-lasting, thanks to the aluminum alloy frame.
  • The bike’s battery is also lightweight and, therefore, easy to lift.
  • You’ll feel comfortable when riding this bike.


  • It’s harder to cycle uphill if the battery runs out of power as the bike is hefty.

7. Civi Predator 500W Fat Tire Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

Mountain electric bike

Take your Predator with you and conquer the mountains or go to work. The Civi Predator Mountain Bike has a front fork suspension that offers coziness against bumps and road resonations. It has a 500-watt engine, and together with fat tires, you can ride quickly and easily.

With this mid-drive electric bike, you can even defeat even the bumpiest road. It comes with the Bangfang 500-watt electric bike motor that enables it to reach a top speed of 25 mph. It also has a Shimano 7 speed cogwheel and, therefore, you can select any velocity to complete your journey.

The ideal Tektro brakes ensure your safety. You can ride this electric bike across the snow or beach easily as it has a 26-inch fat tire design. The bike’s removable 48-volt lithium-ion battery is lightweight and durable.

With this folding electric mid-drive bike, you can ride around the city freely and you don’t have to be concerned about the battery running out.  The e-bike has a long-lasting aluminum frame. The suspension front fork with lock and the preload that you can adjust, offer better shock resistance.


  • The aluminum alloy frame enables the bike to absorb shock without getting damaged.
  • Thanks to the silicone gel saddle, you can sit comfortably even through uneven terrain.
  • The rear brakes and Tektro front enables the bike to halt instantly when you need it to
  • The pedal-assist levels can be adjusted to your cycling environment.


  • The brake levers cannot be adjusted, and the mechanical brakes have less stopping power as compared to hydraulic brakes.

Buying Guide for Best Mid-Drive Electric Bikes

For many people, electric bikes are the future of riding…. However, many people don’t know about it yet! If you’re reading through this buying guide for electric bikes, then you have already seen that your bikes’ electric-assisted power will in some way “enhance” your cycling experience.

You’ll have real pleasure!

Electric bikes will change your life and invigorate your ride! Welcome to the gyration!

These contemporary astonishments resemble your preferred two-wheelers and come with a battery-powered electric engine that helps drive you, all or a portion of the time. Electric bikes, as they’re frequently known as, are well-known as they’re silent, environmentally-friendly, and make riding bikes a whole lot of amusement for many people.

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing your first electric bike.

  1. A Helping Hand

For instance, electric bikes are perfect if you’d value a little push when ascending hills, battling headwinds, and cycling for transportation or distance.

Commuters find that the engine has enough power to get rid of sweating. Therefore, with an electric bike, you get to work calmly, chilly and collected.

Additionally, the engine makes it easier to transport the additional weight of your work clothes and lunch, mobile phone, laptop, and many more.

  1. It has no Special Requirements

Electric bikes are categorized as bicycles. Therefore, they require no registration, license, or indemnity.

Additionally, you save a lot since there are gas costs apart from cheap, basic maintenance requirements. Furthermore, you can creep around in traffic jams with these energetic bikes.

Parking is a walkover and the battery can be recharged in a couple of hours so that the bike is always ready whenever you need it. These benefits have made most city denizens to purchase electric bikes as a possible and cool transportation choice to the automobile.

  1. Versatility

Electric bikes are excellent for other uses also. With them, you can keep up so you can relish cycling with a notably fitter person. They’ll allow you to travel further with much less hassle. Therefore, you can take into account the biking locations that you used to ride to.

Additionally, electric bikes allow you to do things that you may not do without motorized help, for instance, pulling a trailer with children or retail foodstuffs in it. Once you begin riding electric bikes, you’ll find that your life is made easier and more expedient.

  1. They’re Excellent for Fitness and Amusement too

Since these are electric bikes, don’t think that you won’t be exercising as you ride. The electric bike will give you extended battery life for cycling.

Additionally, you’ll feel great as you pedal because it’s so easy to do so and, therefore, many electric bike riders cycle a lot.

Most of them cycle their green machines as much for amusement and to keep fit as they do for basic transportation. Therefore, if you want to be fit, purchase a mid-drive electric bike.

  1. Range, Power, and Batteries

Battery technology is advancing quickly, and each year secure batteries are having extended lifespans and higher densities. Just like mobile phones, laptops, and other contemporary devices that use battery power, poorly made or designed batteries could present real detonation and fire hazards.

Particularly, if predisposed to severe temperature changes. For this reason, it’s suggested that you inspect the electric bike brand to make sure that they use batteries from makers with a good reputation.

Benefits of Mid-Drive Electric Bikes

Originally, mid-drive engines were developed as an enhanced version of hub engines. They’re supposed to better on the few deficiencies of the hub engines. Therefore, it’s anticipated that they’ll have some more features as compared to hub engine devices.

  • Cogwheel Ratio – The most notable benefit that mid-drive electric bikes have over hub-drive bikes is their gear ratio. With the cogwheel ratio, you can power the back wheel with the same chain and cogwheel set as the pedals. This implies that low gears may be used for speeding up from a stop with significant torque or powering it up near-vertical gradient hills.
  • The Distance Covered on a Charge – Usually, if a hub-drive bike and a mid-drive electric bike have similar battery sizes, the mid-drive bike gets a significantly better range – the number of miles covered per charge. This is because the mid-drive motor flows through the chain and then to the back sprockets, allowing the energy to multiply to keep going in every pedal stroke.
  • Excellent Weight Distribution and Handling – On a mid-drive electric bike, the additional weight of the engine is placed in the middle of the bike. This enhances the general balance and bike handling. A mid-drive bike is preferred for highly technical riding like rugged mountain biking. For numerous biking styles like cruising or commuting, the motor’s additional weight at the back of the bike isn’t that significant if the rider’s weight is taken into account.
  • Requires Easy Maintenance and Repair – Repairing flat tires and the usual maintenance tasks on a mid-drive electric bike are similar to those done on a conventional bike. On the other hand, repairing a flat tire on a hub-drive electric bike takes additional time. This is because the engine wiring has to be disconnected and other adjustments may need to be made when removing and installing the wheel with the hub engine again. It’s typically not a big deal, but it can take an extra 5-15 minutes to repair the flat tire.
  • It Can Go Up Steeper Hills –  In low gear, a mid-drive engine can go up steeper gradients better than a hub-drive engine with the same power. It can also ascend hills longer than a hub-drive motor – which can become excessively hot during long climbs on steep hills. A mid-drive engine is more portable and lighter than a hub-drive engine with similar power.
  • Torque Sensors – Mid-drive engines allow the use of authentic torque sensors for pedal-assist set up that regulates the engine power. However, this depends on the intensity level applied on the pedals computed at the crank.

Disadvantages of Mid-Drive Electric Bikes

The most notable imperfection of mid-drive engines is that they can be vicious on your drive system. A healthy person can deliver 150W of power over a long period, and 300W of energy in a tight short race. However, a mid-drive engine can endlessly deliver a power output of 300 to 750 watts. This is more like having an expert cyclist pedaling hard all day. An inexpensive bicycle chain cannot endure that.

Because of this, many retail mid-drive electric bikes are equipped with upgraded bike chains as a backup. Chain locks are the biggest maintenance issue with any mid-drive electric bike. The other reason is that both the engine and the pedals depend on the chain to propel the bike.

One way to instantly minimize the chain issue is to buy a mid-drive electric bike that has a belt drive. However, using a belt-driven electric bike is more costly as compared to one using a chain drive.

Additionally, as there are many moving components in a mid-drive engine, there are more chances of failure and maintenance. In case the engine system fails, replacing it can be more costly than simply replacing a hub engine. This is more important for a mid-drive engine built into the frame of the bike directly. Mid-drive engines are also generally more costly than universal hub motors.

Final Verdict on Best Mid-Drive Electric Bikes

This kind of electric bike uses an engine system that’s located at the center of the frame. Typically, it applies force on the same chain that you’re riding. They’re renowned for their balanced weight dissipation, battery usage effectiveness, unsprung weight advantage, and enhanced climbing power.

As they frequently require a custom motor interface, mid-drive electric bikes are expensive. They apply more strain on the belt, chain, and drivetrain as compared to hub motor and friction drive, and typically don’t provide throttle on-demand power. Many high-end electric bikes use mid-drive engine systems.