Best Schwinn Hybrid Bikes Reviews (UPDATED 2022)

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After I wrote about the Schwinn road bikes, I received some email queries from enthusiasts who wanted to know more about Schwinn hybrid bikes. Schwinn is known for its high-quality road bikes, but they also produce a range of excellent hybrid bikes. In response to those questions, I decided to focus on hybrid bikes. Here are the top best Schwinn hybrid bikes reviews:-

What is a hybrid bike?

In a nutshell, it is a bike that is designed to tackle both smooth and rough terrain. Think of it as a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. If you look into hybrid bikes you will find that they come in so many different types that they’re not easy to define.

However, there are some common features that all hybrid bikes share: they tend to have a lightweight but tough frame, they have flat handlebars, powerful brakes and an open or closed gear mechanism.

Best Schwinn Hybrid Bikes Reviews

Over the years Schwinn has created a variety of hybrid bikes for both men and women. For clarity, I will classify them separately.

The Schwinn hybrid bikes that I will cover here are by no means conclusive; there are many other excellent Schwinn hybrid bikes that I won’t go into, but each of the ones I have reviewed here delivers top value.

Are Schwinn Bikes Good?

Yes, super good. Apart from the fact that you can ride a Schwinn hybrid bike in different types of terrains, they have several other unbeatable benefits:

  • They are an excellent choice for people who want a bike that they can use for commutes during the week and for off-road cycling on weekends.
  • They are one of the most comfortable bike types in the market. Most of them have a suspension fork on the front wheel, and the seat is fitted with a suspension to absorb shock when you go over potholes or ride on rough roads.
  • These bikes are designed to ride in an upright position, which allows you to cycle longer without tiring out your back.
  • They are fitted with add-ons that make them worth every dime: most hybrid bikes have a bottle holder, a bike rack, a place where you can attach a backpack and some even have a small basket attached where you can throw in items like keys and a phone as you ride.
  • They are affordable. A good hybrid bike will cost only a few hundred dollars, and if you choose a brand like Schwinn you will use it for many years with minimal repair.

What is Schwinn?

Schwinn is a German bicycle manufacturer that has been around for 125 years. Its founder, Ignaz Schwinn, decided to move operations to Chicago in 1895 because there was a bigger market for bicycles there. Factories in the city were churning out thousands of bicycles every day, and each year more than 1 million bicycles were sold. It was just the place to be if you were in the bicycle business.

Excellent German engineering and high-quality parts allowed his operation to produce some of the best bikes in the market at the time, and before long the company was a market leader.

However, like most fads, the Chicago bicycle craze didn’t last very long. By the early 1800s sales had fallen, and many of the bigger bike companies bought out the small ones that couldn’t survive the drop in sales. Schwinn absorbed quite a few of these, and this allowed him to expand operations when most others were doing just the opposite.

Two of these, Excelsior and Henderson, were combined to form a new division, Excelsior-Henderson, which produced motorcycles. The division was so successful it was ranked third after Indian and Harley Davidson.

During the Depression, motorcycle sales were so low that production was discontinued, and the company decided to focus instead on producing high-quality, long-lasting bicycles that most people could afford, a practice that continues to this day.

Although the company was eventually sold to Pacific Cycle in 2001, they continue to produce some of the most affordable, durable, and comfortable bikes in the market. They are known for cruisers, mountain bikes, road bikes, urban bikes, electric bikes, kids bikes and of course, hybrid bikes.

4 Best Schwinn Hybrid Bikes Reviews- Men

#1. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men & Women, 21 Speed(4.3* from over 1727 reviews)

Best Schwinn Hybrid Bikes
  • Very lightweight
  • 21-speed shifters 
  • Easy to assemble and Ride
  • Comfortable
  • Afordable
  • Seat padded with synthetic leather

Most Schwinn hybrid bicycle reviews will include this bike for the simple reason that it is one of the best and most affordable. It has striking looks with an almost all-white finish.

Although it is classified as a men’s bike, it is in fact designed for both men and women.

Whether you are buying for a man or woman, you will get excellent value for money. It also comes highly recommended for seniors as it comes mostly assembled, is very comfortable and they can use the bike rack to do a bit of shopping.

Don’t be deceived by its looks; at first glance, it doesn’t look like much but ask anyone who has ridden it and they’ll tell that it’s one of the most comfortable bikes in the market.


  • The frame is made of strong, lightweight aluminum.
  • It’s designed with a low-step frame which makes it easy to mount and dismount (one reason why it’s ideal for seniors).
  • It can carry up to 250 lbs. including cargo.
  • The bike has a padded saddle and upright handlebar for maximum comfort.
  • You can adjust the stem to suit your height.
  • It comes in two styles, small and medium.
  • Wide fenders keep mud off the rider.

Technical Specs

  • 17-inch frame
  • 21 speed grip shifters
  • Shimano REVOSHIFT shifter
  • Rear cogs have 14-28 teeth for smooth shifting
  • 27.5×1.5 inch tires
  • 4-finger brake levers
  • Metal pedals have reflectors for night-riding
  • Assembly instructions included

What’s not to like?

If you plan to ride on extremely rough terrain you may want to look for another type of bike. Although the Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike is good for rough terrain, it will not do well if you plan to ride on very rough bike paths.

#2. Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike (4.4* from 282 reviews)

This bike is attractive because it is affordable and has many great features. Designed specifically for men, it has a high-quality frame, a solid gear system, and is fitted with a suspension fork to help with rough terrain.


  • The high-quality aluminum frame is resistant to weather and wear and tear; you will get years of cycling out of this bike.
  • The suspension fork means you are comfortable on the seat even in rough terrain.
  • Grip shifters allow you to be in control at all times.
  • The bicycle is fitted with pull brakes for brisk stops even when you are riding downhill.
  • It’s fitted with a padded seat that allows you to ride for hours without tiring. The swept-up handlebar allows you to ride upright without back pain, which matters if you have to use your bike for commutes every day. 
  • It has a rear bike rack that you can fit a few things.
  • It’s a great looking bike with a mostly white finish.
  • Accessories include a mount for a water bottle, rear rack bike pump rack.
  • It comes half-assembled but is easy to put together.


  • Front suspension fork
  • 18-inch frame and stand-over height of 36 inches
  • Spring-loaded, padded seat
  • Shimano 21 speed gear system
  • Alloy direct-pull brakes
  • 700x48c tires
  • Aluminum frame
  • Quick-release front wheels

What’s not to like?

Like the Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike, this one can only handle rough terrain to a certain degree. If you plan to go really off-road this is not the best bicycle.

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#3. Schwinn Siro Comfort Hybrid Bikes

Schwinn Siro Comfort Hybrid Bikes

If you love exploring on your bike and are looking for something that you can use for commutes as well, this is a perfect choice. It is one of the best Schwinn hybrid bikes; it is like a mountain bike that you can use every day, and it can handle terrain that other types of hybrid bikes can’t. There is a men’s and women’s version.


  • It has a lightweight aluminum frame for easy handling on different types of roads.
  • It comes with a Schwinn front suspension fork.
  • This bike is built with superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last many years with little need for repairs.
  • It comes in a modern, stylish design.
  • Alloy rims and front quick-release provide convenience.
  • Linear pull brakes allow quick stops even when you are riding downhill.
  • Like other Schwinn hybrid bikes, it is fitted with a padded suspension seat, and you can ride for hours without discomfort.
  • Swept back handlebars allow you to ride upright, and back pain will not be an issue with this bike.


  • Hybrid, aluminum frame with Schwinn suspension fork
  • Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur with Shimano EZ Fire shifters
  • 700C tires
  • Alloy rims
  • Suspension seat post
  • Alloy linear-pull brakes
  • Adjustable handlebars

What’s not to like?

You will see some reviewers say that they had a hard time putting this bike together. You can expect to see this sort of thing when it comes to online bike purchases. Most come half-assembled for easy shipping and you have to complete the assembly yourself.

If you are not DIY-inclined the best thing to do is find a bike expert near you who can assemble your new bike properly. It will cost you some money but save you headaches in the future.

#4.Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike Line with Front Suspension

Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike

As the name suggests, this bike is built for comfort. It comes in a variety of colors, and is multi-functional; many people buy it because it’s great for cycling games.


  • This bike is designed for efficiency; you will not need to exert yourself much to ride it.
  • The aluminum frame makes it highly durable and lightweight.
  • Most people who buy this bike love the fact that it’s multi-purpose.
  • It is made of long-lasting materials, and you can expect to ride it for many years.
  • It comes with versatile tires and an excellent front rim.
  • The front suspension makes it perfect to ride on rough terrain.
  • It comes half-assembled but is easy to put together.
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • 21 speeds with a Shimano derailleur
  • Disc brakes for superior stopping power
  • 7 speeds for maximum pedaling power
  • SR Suntour fork
  • DNP Down Pull front derailleur
  • Alloy rims
  • Alloy linear-pull brakes
  • Alloy quill stem

What’s not to like?

Most of the complaints you will see with this bike have to do with shipping – some parts are missing or damaged – and assembly. My advice is to buy from a reputable seller and make sure that you have it assembled in a reputable bike shop.

Best Schwinn Hybrid Bikes for Women

#1.Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle Women’s Hybrid – (4.1* from over 1418 reviews)

Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle Women's Hybrid

The Schwinn Wayfarer is built for comfort and is easy to ride. It looks and feels like a women’s bike and it can be used for long and short commutes and off-road nature exploring and fun. It’s great on hilly terrains as it tackles inclines with ease, and because it’s a hybrid it’s can be used for riding around in the city.


  • Swept-back handlebars allow you to ride with your back upright.
  • The steel frame is sturdy; it feels very solid when you sit on it. The bike can carry up to 300 lbs.
  • It has fenders to keep your legs free of mud.
  • The rear rack is great for a bit of shopping, and you can carry everything you need if you will be heading out for a few hours.
  • The brakes provide crisp stops even on downhill rides.
  • The 7 speed mechanism makes it the perfect bike for long rides.
  • You can install add-ons like a child carrier, a helmet holder, headlights and more.
  • Comes in black, mint and mango-yellow.
  • It’s affordable.


  • Steel frame and front fork
  • Schwinn 7-speed derailleur
  • Alloy rim brakes
  • 16 inch tires
  • Schwinn quality spring seat
  • Built specifically for women   
  • Lifetime warranty

What’s not to like

Most women who buy this bike are happy with it, but you may see the occasional complaint about assembly. If you have a hard time putting it together get someone who is familiar with bike assembly to help you.

#2. Schwinn Phocus 1500 Flat Bar Sport Fitness Hybrid

The Schwinn Phocus 1500 Flat Bar Sport Fitness Hybrid consistently gets 5/5 in reviews because it is an excellent bike: it is light, built for a woman’s frame, can take on different terrains with ease and is perfect for riding in hilly areas.


  • The bike is made of a lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Forward-facing handlebars and springy saddle allow maximum comfort even on long rides.
  • Powerful mechanical brakes allow for better speed control.
  • It is perfect for tall women (and also men) because it has a low frame and an adjustable seat.
  • Although it’s designed for women, it is perfect for use by men too.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • It can take up to 250 lbs.
  • Many people who have used this bike say that it’s as good as bikes that cost $1000 or more.
  • You can use it to ride long distances without tiring yourself out.
  • It’s perfect for work and play.


  • It comes in small frame and large frame
  • Schwinn sport suspension fork
  • Shimano EZ Fire-Trigger Shifters
  • 24 speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Mechanical disc brakes for reliable stopping power
  • Double-wall alloy rims
  • 8-speed cassette

What’s not to like?

It’s hard to find something that’s not to like about this bike. Most people who have bought it are happy years later. For best results, I would recommend that you have it assembled by a professional.

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#3.Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Suburban Comfort Hybrid Bike

According to the Schwinn website, this is a bike that’s built to give you the most comfortable riding experience without compromising on power and maneuverability. It’s true; this bike is kind to your back, your behind, your arms and legs.


  • It’s made of a lightweight aluminum frame.
  • The swept-back handlebars allow you to ride upright – no more back pain after bike rides.
  • The stem is adjustable so you can get the perfect fit for you.
  • It has a padded seat that has a suspension post to protect your rear on bumpy rides.
  • The stylish design comes in a cool color.
  • It is durable – you can expect it to last for years.
  • The pull brakes allow for precise stops even on hilly terrain.
  • It’s perfect for long and short commutes and you can take it out exploring on weekends.


  • 21-speed Shimano Revo twist shifters
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Alloy pull linear brakes
  • Light, durable alloy rims for the 26-inch tires
  • Schwinn Quality elastomer seat with a suspension seat post
  • Adjustable stem
  • Limited lifetime warranty

What’s not to like?

To be honest, not much. This bike is perfectly built to deliver a great cycling experience. Make sure that yours is assembled properly, preferably by someone who is experienced in bike assembly.

How to Choose a Hybrid Bike


Hybrid bikes are becoming more and more popular because people want bikes that can be used on a variety of terrains. Although there are many brands in the market, few are better than Schwinn especially when you look at price vs. features.

One thing I would like to mention is that although these bikes are marketed as men’s and women’s, they can be used by anyone. If you try on a bike and it feels comfortable don’t let a label get in the way. There are many men who are comfortable on women’s bikes and vice versa.

Also, for almost all the bikes discussed here, there is a version for the opposite gender. For example, Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes have a version for men and one for women. As you shop look around, you never know what you might find.

I tried to cover Schwinn hybrid bikes thoroughly, but if you check you will find a few that I haven’t discussed here.

For this post, I chose the best, the ones that get top feedback from users. I was also looking at the price range; I wanted to bring you the best Schwinn hybrid bikes that you can buy on a budget.

So long as you stick with Schwinn hybrid bikes, and you have your new bike properly assembled, you will be happy.