Best Step Through Bike Reviews(Updated 2022)

Best step through bikes

If you’re reading step-through bike reviews, odds are you’ve been thinking about bike designs. It’s no surprise. Lots of people have taken to cycling as a way to get around and stay fit. The pandemic has made us wary of tightly packed commutes and gyms teeming with people. Cycling is a smart and cheap way … Read more

Best Schwinn Hybrid Bikes Reviews (UPDATED 2022)

Schwinn Hybrid Bikes Reviews

After I wrote about the Schwinn road bikes, I received some email queries from enthusiasts who wanted to know more about Schwinn hybrid bikes. Schwinn is known for its high-quality road bikes, but they also produce a range of excellent hybrid bikes. In response to those questions, I decided to focus on hybrid bikes. Here … Read more

Schwinn GTX 3 Review – Schwinn Hybrid Bike

Schwinn GTX 3 Review

Schwinn GTX 3 Review (Updated 2022) Over the years, more and more people have embraced cycling into their daily regimens, whether as a recreational activity, as a workout, or as a means of transport. Research has it that in 2018, more than 47 million people in the United States aged six years and above participated … Read more

Best Schwinn Road Bikes Reviews 2022

Best Schwinn road bikes review

As you shop for the best Schwinn road bike, one question that you may still have is;- are Schwinn bikes good? Schwinn has been in the business of bike manufacturing since 1895. So, the simple answer is YES, Schwinn bicycles are good. Schwinn Road Bikes Reviews Comparison Table Schwinn Bicycles Star Rating Specification #1. Schwinn … Read more

Giordano Libero 1.6 Review – Giordano Bike Review 2022

Giordano Libero 1.6 review

It would have been impossible a few years back to find a high-quality bike under $500. Well, times have changed, and many bike companies have stepped up their game by creating bikes that are stylish, convenient, safe, and of course, affordable. We went ahead and put together a comprehensive review of one of the best … Read more

Road Bike Black Friday Deals 2019

Road Bike Black Friday

Friday 29th November 2019 Black Friday Weekend is here again and Road Bike Black Friday deals will be a dime a dozen. If you have coveted a road bike all year, you will want to take this opportunity to buy one. But like with all deals around this time of year, it is prudent to … Read more