Who are the sports stars who love to cycle?

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Cycling already has its own legends who have excelled at the very top level but it’s not a sport that is purely for the elite cyclists.

Here we look at the sports stars who love to cycle.

Tony Kanaan 

Tony Kanaan

We kick off our list of sports stars who love to cycle with Tony Kanaan. If you’re not familiar with the name then it’s probably because he’s from a slightly less mainstream sport; his achievements all come from the Indy 500.

His status on the race track is assured courtesy of the fact he became the first driver to complete every lap of a race season in 2004; that’s 3,305 laps for those wondering. In addition, he also boasts a Championship medal from the Indianapolis 500 in 2013, which we won.

In respect of cycling, the Brazilian is known to be a huge fan. Not only does he bike for fitness but he’s even used his skills in the sport to compete in triathlons. It’s not all just filling spare time either because in 2011 – when he was still driving full time – he completed a full Ironman at the World Championships.

He didn’t win but simply ticking the boxes of a four-mile swim, a marathon distance run and a 112-mile bike ride is testament to his love for cycling and all-round fitness.

Brett Favre 

Brett Favre

Okay, so Brett Favre probably isn’t quite as hardcore with his cycling as Kanaan but he’s certainly more widely known. He’s no slouch on a bike either.

The three-time NFL MVP and one-time Super Bowl Champ can spend all day bragging about his football career but nowadays he’s long beyond his years of playing quarterback.

Favre called time on his football career back in 2010; it was then that he found cycling with the sport allowing him to maintain a certain degree of fitness. It started out as a fairly casual thing but quickly grew with the former Green Bay Packers man needing to fulfill his competitive cravings.

Step forward triathlons. Since then though, Favre has started to pour his energy in a different direction with charity cycle rides of 100 miles plus now his thing.

Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller

If Favre is a legend of the field then next up we turn our attention to a legend of the court, Reggie Miller.

Miller, who is regarded as one of the best three-point shooters and top 10 best handlers in NBA history, is worshipped for his contribution to basketball with his position in the hall of fame confirmation of how highly thought of he was in his playing days.

Nowadays, basketball has been bumped down the list with cycling emerging as Miller’s new love. The five-time NBA All-Star has raced in competitions but most of his time is actually spent on mountain trails and where he battles for his own personal bests. How do we know this? Well, he loves to keep his fans updated with detailed performance analytics from his tracking app.

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JuJu Smith-Schuster

JuJu Smith-Schuster

The next name on our list takes us back to the NFL. JuJu Smith-Schuster hasn’t been in the league too long; he was taken in round two of the 2017 draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers after putting up over 3,000 receiving yards in his time with USC. His displays on the grass saw him make the All-Rookie team whilst his off-field personality has seen him blossom into one of the NFL’s most loved players.

What are these characteristics we speak of then? Well, he is heavily involved in the growing world of ESports, which is part of it.

Another big part of it is why he’s on this list. Not only does he have a passion for all things bike but he used our two-wheeled friend to endear himself to everyday folk during his inaugural NFL season.

Smith-Schuster didn’t drive but rather than using his new contract to pay for a chauffeur, he opted to cycle to and from practice. Not only did it show his love of bikes and inspire others but it was proof of his work ethic.

The England National football team

Finishing off our list of sports stars who love to cycle is a slight curveball; it’s not a player but the entire England football team.

The Three Lions reached the 2018 World Cup semi-final under Gareth Southgate, which is their joint-best finish at a major tournament since their 1966 win. What does this have to do with cycling we hear you ask?

Consider for a second that these are athletes already at the very elite level of their profession. Then consider just how good cycling must be for the England staff to utilize it as a method for developing their team’s fitness even further.

That’s what came out prior to the tournament in Russia. They hadn’t been out on bikes though; instead, they used the Poweride program to get into ship shape. It certainly did them no harm. The power of cycling.

There you have it, the sports stars that love cycling. Who did we miss?