How To Tighten Bike Pedals

How to tighten bike pedals

Suppose you want to get a new pair of bike pedals for your bike. Or the pedals of your bike have broken off. In similar scenarios, you will need to install a new pair of bike pedals on your bike. And for that, you will need to tighten the bike pedals. But surprisingly a lot … Read more

Are Electric Bikes Good For Exercise?

Are Electric Bikes Good For Exercise?

Electric bikes have gotten a bad rap as promoters of laziness, in direct opposition to their un-motorized counterparts. The popular misconception could not be further from the truth. Electric bikes are not only a good source of exercise, but they get people exercising who are unable to ride a standard bicycle. That makes an electric … Read more

10 Benefits of Biking in College

Do you want to make your college days more enjoyable? Then you need a college bike for this. You can admire plenty of benefits with it. For an active and energetic start, cycling is the most susceptible and effective way. Talking about exercise, cycling is the most significant form of exercise. Not only exercise but … Read more

Average Bicycle Commute Distance

Average bicycle commute distance

How far is too far to commute on a bike? If you are planning to do some workouts and also get to different places in time, then bike commuting is probably the best way for you. Using a bike to travel from one place to another is not a bad idea but refreshing, and it … Read more

Difference Between Men and Women Bikes

mens vs womens bike

What is the difference between men’s and women’s bikes? Over the last ten years, bikes have become a crucial tool for both exercises and movements over short distances. However, men’s bikes are diverse from women’s bikes, both in size and structural design. The difference between men’s and women’s bikes is also notable in the length … Read more

10 Benefits of Cycling for Seniors

Benefits of Bike Riding for Seniors

Cycling for seniors is a controversial issue; experts can’t seem to agree whether it helps or hurts. Not long ago, a doctor, Michael Yaremchuk, wrote a column in which he claimed that riding bikes for seniors wasn’t a recommended activity to stay fit because they are likely to end up injured. Is this true? Not … Read more

10 Tips for Bike Safety – Ultimate Guide

Tips for Bike safety

Cycling is fun whether it’s done alone or with friends; you can use your bicycle to commute short distances, while some of us cycle for exercise. Whatever your reason for getting on a bike, you must always keep in mind tips for bike safety. Most adults got their first bikes when they were just small … Read more