How Electric Bikes Are Changing The Way We Commute

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As the cost of commuting through cars and public transportation increases rapidly, more and more people are opting for electric bikes as an alternative to their daily commuting. On top of it, the global pandemic outbreak has forced people to maintain social distance and avoid public transports. It has further paved the way for e-bikes for a safer commuter.

So, it leads to one important question, “How electric bikes are changing the way we commute?” Well, the eco-friendly and economical commuter buddy is truly shaping the world of transportation with its safe driving experience, easy adjustability, increased speed, and control is answering the prayer of daily commuters like nothing else.

How Electric Bikes Are Changing The Way We Commute

Ever since bicycles hit the road, they have been an immediate superstar in the commuting area thanks to their eco-friendliness, easy controls, and almost zero maintenance cost. As days went on, we saw the emergence of various cycles and their models. The latest of the long line of bicycle types is the electric bikes.

These e-bikes are adapted with an improved battery, a controller, a display, and multiple gears to make daily commuting easy and fun. Although affordable and budget friendly e-bikes were already popular among people, the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 had paved the way for electric bikes more.

As BBC reports, the sales of e-bike have gone from $8.3 million to $18 million within one year only and that too during the pandemic condition. Another report in Forbes shows that e-bike sales will go up by 17 million by 2030 per year. That’s huge considering any situation.

So, why the sales of e-bikes are going up so rapidly? How is it changing the conventional ways of daily commuting? And is it even acceptable?

Let’s check the reasons to find the answer to these questions.

Less cost, more efficiency:

A recent report by World Bank shows that natural gas prices may be 80% higher in 2022 compared to 2021, and it won’t have any respite in the next few years. Similarly, the oil price is gearing up to hit the $100 mark within the next few months.

All these data show that the cost of transporting through cars and public transports has gone up rapidly. Some experts express their grief that the cost of daily commuting might be 2X more in 2022 than before the pandemic.

E-bikes, therefore, have emerged as a relief to the vast middle and lower class people worldwide. These bikes are meant to be efficient and reduce the cost of fuel. It doesn’t need any natural gas or LPG and not even any oil. Hence, more and more people are opting for cost-effective e-bikes as means of their daily commuting.

Plus, advanced technology has helped e-bike manufacturers to make their e-bikes more fuel-efficient than ever. Hence, per kilometer fuel or electricity cost of an e-bike is 1/10th of the conventional petrol bikes and cars.

Thus, no wonder why people are choosing e-bikes instead of their cars and other vehicles for daily commuting.

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People are more concerned about their environment and climate than ever before. And it is natural since our irresponsible and radical activities have put the ecology and environment almost in a collapsing situation.

The use of e-bike is a great relief in this regard. It doesn’t produce any fume, smoke, or harmful gas while driving. Thus, it not only promotes fuel efficiency but also helps in saving the environment. Plus, its fume and gas-free driving facility means electric bikes are also suitable for healthy living.

Healthy lifestyle:

As we commute daily in e-bike, it also promotes our healthy lifestyle. It operates quieter than most other vehicles on the road. So, your ears get a massive relief from the noise pollution. Plus, no fume and smoke production mean you will enjoy a cleaner environment and sky. All these are beneficial for a healthy lifestyle while you opt for the e-bike for daily commuting.

And the best part about electric bikes is that you can choose between pedaling and electric power to move forward with the bike. If you want a bit of physical exercise, you can use your foot to pedal the bike and enjoy an ever better healthiness.

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Improved mileage and battery range:

When e-bikes were first introduced in the market, their most concerning point was the limited battery range and mileage. Most e-bikes could cover 20-30 miles hardly in a single charge of the battery. But the condition has changed dramatically nowadays.

Most e-bikes now could go well over 50 miles in a single charging cycle. So, you can easily go to the office and come back home. Plus, you may take the e-bikes on your weekend tours, too, without worries. The improved battery capacity also means that the e-bike will need less charging time, further boosting its uniqueness and facilities as an alternative daily commuter.

Less maintenance, longer lifespan:

Compared to any automobile and petrol bikes, e-bikes need the least maintenance. You don’t need to change its fuel filters, lubricators, and tires. Thus, your cost of maintaining the e-bike is almost zero compared to the conventional means of commuting.

On top of it, e-bikes allow you to commute with an extended lifespan. Since these e-bikes need less maintenance and offer extended longevity, it has become so popular.

Safe driving:

When you ride an e-bike, you eliminate a lot of risk for accidents. Many cities are now opting for separate lanes for bicycles, and you can safely run your e-bike in that separate lane. Plus, the advance controls with different gears of the e-bike means you are in full control of the electric bike. So, your daily commuting becomes safe and enjoyable.

Final WordsElectric Bike Commuting

With their improved mileage, battery range, eco-friendliness, and ease in driving, E-bikes have truly transformed the meaning of daily commuting. The recent price hike in gas and petrol worldwide has further paved the way for e-bike as a more conventional daily commuter. So, it’s high time you choose the e-bike of your preference and start riding on it. It will not only save your money but also save the environment while promoting healthy living.