Electric Scooter vs. Electric Bike: Which One Will be a Perfect Choice?

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The electric vehicle market is so solid at present. They’ve already outscored gas-powered vehicles. And at present, the competition is between different types of electric vehicles themselves.

Commuters are the first level users of electric vehicles. Whether it’s for office or personal use, they mostly use electric vehicles. But choosing between Electric scooters vs. Electric bikes has become a big concern as they both come with exceptional features and added advantages.

Previously, electric bikes were preferred due to their longer Range and larger battery. The newer electric scooters have improved battery life, are smaller, and foldable.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re wondering which is better between an electric scooter and an electric bike. Continue reading to learn how electric scooters vary from electric bikes and which is ideal for you!

Electric Scooters vs. Electric Bikes: Compare and Contrast

The electric vehicle market is booming at present. People, mostly in the European countries, are becoming quite dependent on electric vehicles. Students and commuters are the main users of electric vehicles as they find public transportation boring and time-consuming.

Although it seems like electric vehicles are a perfect choice, there are different types of electric vehicles like electric scooters and electric bikes.

So when it comes to choosing the best electric vehicle for your daily needs, it’s quite a difficult challenge!

Before choosing between an electric bike and a scooter, you should consider a few things like

  • Comfort
  • Speed and Range
  • Capacity and Pricing
  • Safety factors

1.   Comfort

Comfort and convenience is the first thing that a rider considers while buying an electric scooter or a bike. Some people may like the seating arrangement of an electric bike comfier, whereas some prefer the standing position. This factor really depends on the user to user.

Electric bikes are generally the same as other bikes. The only difference is they run on electric power rather than gas or diesel. Electric bikes, in general, come with a better sitting arrangement for riders alongside strong frames and large tires.

The frame holds the heavy battery and the rider’s weight and provides better comfort and a convenient riding experience. Besides, they have got a good suspension that comes in handy for riding on bumpy and potholed roads.

On the other hand, electric scooters don’t offer a comfortable ride to most users. Their standing riding position might be a good solution to short ranges, but it isn’t easy to use them to roam around bigger or distant areas.

As electric scooters aren’t as comfortable as electric bikes, they also don’t provide longer ranges.

So if you’re wondering between electric bikes vs. scooter for commuting, electric bikes are the clear winner here!

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2.   Speed and Range

Speed and Range are another important factors for choosing electric bikes or electric scooters. Alongside conformatbility and usability, users also prefer electric vehicles with more speed and provide longer distances on a single charge.

Light electric scooters often can’t match the peak speeds of electric bikes, although there are always outliers. Scooter companies use smaller batteries and engines in order to reduce the vehicle’s size and weight.

In contrast to electric bikes, which may achieve speeds of 30mph or more, electric scooters often attain 22mph or less speeds. So we believe now you get a clear idea about electric bike speed vs. electric scooter speed.

On the other hand, if you’re riding through congested city roads or in severe traffic, your first priority may not be speed!

Lastly, talking about the range, electric bikes are a clear winner in this segment also. An average electric bike offers around 40-100 miles. In comparison, electric scooters can only provide an average of 30-40 miles.

3.   Capacity

Generally, people might think that scooters are less capable of carrying the weights of users’ weights than electric bikes. If you also think the same, you’re wrong. Yes, electric bikes are almost similar to regular motorbikes, and they can carry more weight. But there’s a catch.

At present, there are electric scooters that can carry as much weight as bikes. Talking about the weight carrying capacity, an average electric bike can carry around 300-400 lbs of weight. On the other hand, regular electric scooters can carry around 200-300 lbs. But this weight carrying capacity depends on models to models, engine capacity, frame structure, and many other factors.

Sometimes we get a common question like, can a 300 lbs person ride an electric scooter or bike? Well, the answer is yes. Electric bikes are quite capable of carrying 300lbs persons. Alongside electric bikes, there are Electric scooters for heavy adults 300 lbs also. So weight carrying capacity sin;t a big issue in electric bikes or scooters.

4.   Pricing

This might be the most crucial factor for electric vehicle buyers. According to the manufacturer, electric bikes start at roughly $1,000 to $1100, and e-scooters start at around $300. This is a significant breakthrough for the e-scooter, which offers a low-cost alternative to driving or using public transportation. So bear this in mind while choosing between Electric scooters vs. Electric bikes.

Despite the fact that these are the lowest costs, the amount you pay will vary based on the brand, model, and various accessories and adjustments. A high-end electric bike may cost up to $20,000 or more!

Lastly, comparing the prices of electric bikes and electric scooters, e-scooters are a clear winner in this part. Alongside affordable pricing, scooters offer mobility and hassle-free movement. Most of the electric scooters are lightweight and foldable. Electric scooters are around 10 kgs on average.

On the other hand, basic electric bikes come at 30-35kg. So you can carry e-scooters with you too. But this is impossible in the case of electric scooters. So maneuverability and portability are extra advantages for e-scooter users.

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5.   Safety

Because of their high resale value and the fact that they must be left outdoors for the majority of rides, electric bikes have a far greater theft risk. An electric bike may be a better alternative on the street than an electric scooter when it comes to security.

There are several reasons for this, including the fact that scooters are lower to the ground and have smaller tires, making them less able to absorb shocks and jolts.

In addition, vehicles have a harder time seeing scooter riders. So the risk is more in e-scooters than e-bikes.


Simply put, choosing between an electric bike and an electric scooter is a tough decision as both of them offer some unique and exceptional features. Moreover, it really depends on the type of users.

If you need to cover small distances daily and are looking for a compact and easy-to-carry electric vehicle, go for e-scooters. On the other hand, if you’re a commuter or need to cover a large area daily, electric bikes would be the best choice for you. But bear in mind that an electric bike costs almost 3x more than an e-scooter.

So that’s it on Electric scooters vs. Electric bikes. We tried to cover all the segments to give you a clear idea about both electric vehicles. Now it’s your turn to make a move. Good luck!