Is Ozone a Good Bike Brand? (All You Need to Know!)

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Ozone 500 bikes are a decent option for beginners who are seeking a cheap bike. However, in your search for durable bikes, you should not expect the parts of Ozone bikes to last forever.

Having bought Ozone 500 bikes for both my daughter and my son, I’ve seen their performance firsthand. In general, I’ve found that the Ozone’s range is made up of durably constructed, affordable bikes which are well suited to beginners.

However, once my kids started becoming more invested in bicycling, we had to modify a few of the bikes’ parts before we could afford a better quality bike.

So, is Ozone a good bike brand? We’re here to help you decide. Read on for specifics and an overview of some of the brand’s best products.

Ozone Bike: Background

Ozone Bikes is a brand owned by Academy Sports + Outdoors, one of the largest outdoor and sporting goods stores in the United States of America. 

With over 250 brick-and-mortar outlets all throughout the country, the company carries a broad variety of fishing, hunting, and camping equipment, along with sports goods, apparel, footwear, and other leisure products, most of which are affordable.

Academy’s Ozone brand of bikes has mainly been appreciated by bicyclists who cannot spend a large amount on their equipment — some affordable models are available only for $100. 

That said, not all of Ozone’s bikes are cheap; the price tag can read up to $500. It all depends on what kind of bike you’re seeking and, of course, how much money you can spend.

All in all, if the bike you need is suited for most terrains while being easy on your wallet, your search can be over for now. The majority of Ozone 500 bikes come with good stability and a 21-speed drivetrain. 

However, if you’re seeking bikes for heavy bicycling or for use in uneven, potentially dangerous terrains, you’ll need a better bike than what Ozone can offer.

For a better idea of what we’re talking about, read on for an overview of some of the bestsellers from Ozone.

4 Popular Bikes from Ozone

For a better idea of what Ozone has to offer, here we’ve gathered 4 of their best bikes.

Ozone 500 700c Men’s Cityscape

is ozone a good bike brand? Here is an Ozone 500 Mens road bike

If you love biking on trails and are looking for a dependable hybrid bike that will see you through a number of different terrains, the Ozone 500 700c Men’s Cityscape might be the right choice for you. 

This is a mid-range bike from Ozone 500 as far as price goes. However, from how smoothly and silently it rides, you wouldn’t b able to tell. Its frame is made from TIG trapezium 6061 aluminum alloy, which speaks to its durability. 

The 21-speed bike, with its twist shifters, allows for quick and easy shifting. Meanwhile, its wheels have 700c rubber tires, complete with Leonis alloy double-wall rims and 36 holes, which together ensure that you’ll be gliding along.

That said, be prepared to upgrade this Ozone 500 bike with some after-market parts once some time has passed (unless you decide to get an upgrade). The wheels’ tires might be a bit stiff for some, and the alignment of the wheels does leave something to be desired. And of course, we don’t recommend this bike for men.

Ozone Urban Voyager

Another 700c wheel bike from Ozone that has proved to be quite popular is the Urban Voyager. We believe that, for those seeking an affordable road bike for long rides around the neighborhood for errands and the occasional leisure hour, this is a great option.

Equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame that boasts a surprisingly high-quality finish, this bike is the ideal cityscape companion. With a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds, this is a pretty good fit for adults and older teenagers. The bike also offers impressive shifting speeds thanks to its Shimano Rapid Fire speed shifters.

The smooth riding associated with this bike can also be attributed to the front shock fork, which is suited to use in a number of different terrains. And, thanks to the front alloy disc brakes and the rear V-brakes, the safe stoppage is ensured even in off-road terrains (nothing too uneven, though!).

However, depending on your body type, you might find it necessary to change the bicycle seat for increased comfort.

Ozone Ultra Shock Force

Do you have a thirst for adventure? Are you seeking a dependable mountain bike within a reasonable price range?

Well, then, we recommend the Ozone Ultra Shock Force, which is a great mountain bike available for both men and women! This 21-speed mountain bike is available in configurations for both kids and adults, making it a versatile two-wheeler for adventurous bicyclists. Its strong steel frame is well suited to mountaineering.

Outfitted with a dual suspension system and a shock fork, the Ultra Shock Force offers great control and a smooth, swift ride. A strong, high quality steel frame promises dependable durability and riding power that is fit to handle a number of different terrain types. 

Like Ozone’s other bikes, this one also comes with dependable stopping power. Furthermore, its 26”x1.95” wheels, which are alloy-rimmed, contribute to super smooth rides. The bike’s Index, 21-speed derailleur, which is outfitted with a Shimano drip shift, supports the frame and allows for smooth speed shifting.

This bike offers a comfortable ride further due to its quick-release seat and its rising handlebars, which also allow the rider to enjoy better control.

Do note, however, that this bike does not come pre-assembled, meaning you have to put it together yourself. You might also have to replace some of the bike’s parts for better performance as their quality might not be up to par.

Ozone Fragment 29

As most bicycling enthusiasts know, finding a reliable and cheap hardtail mountain bike is not an easy task. Equipped with a sturdy, heavy-duty aluminum frame and impressive 29 inch wheels, the Fragment 2900 mountain bike from Ozone is an exception to this rule (and its price reflects that too!).

The Ozone 500 Fragment, available for both women and men, is a quality mountain bike designed to boost the rider’s confidence by allowing him or her to ride on mountain trails with ease. Moreover, the sturdy and knobby wheels tires mounted on the alloy rims of this bicycle are suited to pedaling on uneven routes.

For significant stopping power, the front and rear disc brakes of this bicycle come with alloy brake levers. You also get front and rear derailleurs by Shimano that further enhance the bike’s smoothness. It also has a TIG-welded steel fork for impressive shock-absorbing power. 

Together with the nylon-covered saddle, a 24-inch wide steel riser handlebar, and alloy seat binder, this bike makes for a smart purchase for anyone interested in riding a mountain bike without blowing a hole in their wallet.

Final Verdict

To be sure, Ozone bikes are not the most popular on the market. And to be honest, they’re not the most durable either. As you can probably guess, you might have to repair or replace the parts on many Ozone 500 bikes (other than the Shimano parts, or the frame, it seems).

However, when it comes to affordability and range, the Ozone brand is definitely a competitive player in the market for beginners’ bikes. 

If you’re not worried about paying a little more for a road bike and in turn getting a more durable bike then check out this article about the best road bikes under $500.

Be it a road bike or a mountain bike, Ozone’s range of quality products is wide, and they undoubtedly offer many bikes for beginners and novices. So if you’re looking for a new bike, this is one brand you can look into.