Is Schwinn a Good Bike Brand? (an Honest Opinion!)

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Whether it is a mountain bike, hybrid bike, road bike, or a BMX, Schwinn’s options usually remain on the top for many potential buyers. And the Schwinn bike company is one of the most popular bike brands out there. 

But after Pacific Cycle acquired the company in 2001, many casual riders started to wonder about one thing: is Schwinn a good bike brand? Yes, Schwinn is a top brand and they offer quality road bikes and mountain bikes.

In this in-depth Schwinn bikes review, we will get to the bottom of the topic. We will uncover facts that you will not find anywhere else. And, if you plan to get a Schwinn bike, you would not want to miss the info we will spill out here!

is schwinn a good bike brand

History of the Schwinn Bikes

Before we uncover if Schwinn bikes are good or not, let us give you a little idea about the brand. So the Schwinn bicycle company has been around since 1895. Ignaz Schwinn, a German-born mechanical engineer, is the company’s founder. And it did not take that long for the founder to make the Schwinn bicycles famous.

Furthermore, Schwinn became the largest bicycle manufacturer in the USA pretty soon after the company was founded. And the other bike brands struggle a lot to get the Schwinn bike to leave that status. In fact, the brand held that status for a considerable amount of the 20th century.

However, due to heavy competition in the 1990s, the sales of the Schwinn bikes dropped significantly. And they had to declare bankruptcy. That is where Pacific Cycle stepped in. They bought whatever was left of this well-known American Brand. But they did not stop selling Schwinn bikes.

Where Can You Find Them?

In fact, Pacific Cycle started to sell the Schwinn mountain bikes and road bikes as “box store” bikes at the largest reselling stores. That includes Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart. Also, they have added more than entry-level bikes to the range.

On the website, Schwinn bikes consist of high-end hybrid bikes and electric bikes. You will also find a range of cruiser bikes, BMX bikes, balance bikes, kids bikes, and tons of road bike models. So, you could consider the website as a full-fledged bike shop with tons of options in this state.

Are Schwinn Bikes Good?

Now that you are familiar with the brand let us get to the main thing you are here for. Will you buy the right bike if you get one from the Schwinn models? Yes, you will! Schwinn mountain bike models are still on the top! And that will be more evident if you go through the mountain bike reviews.

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Compared to other bikes, the models that Schwinn manufactures are reliable, durable, and look beautiful. They will be great for leisure riding, casual riding, and for serious mountain bikers. 

In fact, some professionals that are all about mountain biking will not think of other models. Why? Schwinn managed to impress many pro bikers with their models. That is why other bike shops or brands are totally a no-go for them.

Furthermore, if you are a casual rider, you will be pretty pleased with Schwinn’s high-quality bikes. The models will provide you with an immense comfort level and will make you experience a redefined bike riding experience. 

Most will come with a lightweight aluminum frame, which means carrying them around will not be an issue either. Also, the Schwinn hybrid bike models are hard to beat. They are great for fitness and regular riding. And you will have a tough time trying to find something that will beat the versatility of those models.

Most importantly, you will find discount Schwinn bikes on the website and in other stores. And the discount bikes of Schwinn offer a tremendous amount of value. So, if you thought that you would need to spend a ton, go through these deals!

What Makes Schwinn Bikes Good?

Let us get a little bit deep into the topic. We had the chance to ride tons of bikes from different brands. And we compared them with what Schwinn has to offer. Here are the things we found out:

Ergonomic Design

Schwinn bikes usually go all-in when it comes to the design. They will ensure that the rider does not face any comfort issues when riding the bicycle. And they accomplish that by integrating ergonomic design into the models. You will not have to worry about facing fatigue when you ride the bikes for hours.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the models will reduce stress in particular areas. That includes the neck, upper part of the body, and shoulders. 


Being a premium brand, Schwinn will usually utilize high-quality components. The aluminum and steel frames will be of high-end materials. And the same thing applies to the other parts. The front suspension fork, rim brakes, bike frame, and other components will be durable and highly reliable.

Now, the models will not integrate Schwinn brand parts. For example, you will find Shimano rear derailleur and speed shifters on some bikes. Some might not even come with a Schwinn suspension fork. But that does not mean that the parts are low in quality. Even if the parts are not from Schwinn, they will be great in quality.

Ride Quality

Each component of the bicycle is meant to offer a smooth ride. Whether it is a cruiser bike or a balance bike, you can expect a refined riding experience. Some will come with skinny tires for dirt paths and other challenging terrains. Also, the kid’s models will come with training wheels. That will make the learning process less steep.


Most of the models will offer high overall adjustable options. For example, there are adjustable handlebars in some of the high-end models. With those, you will be capable of customizing the entire ride quality. And in comparison, the adjustability you will get with the Schwinn bicycles will be pretty high.

Some Not So Good Things about the Schwinn Bikes

So, not everything is great about bicycles. And there are some little things that you need to consider before getting one of the Schwinn models.


Because the Schwinn bikes will come with heavy-duty frames and high-end components, the weight can be a bit too much. However, the case is not the same for all of the available options. There are plenty of bicycles from Schwinn that are lighter than the competition. You just need to do proper research on the models.

Rolling Resistance

Most of the models from Schwinn will have a wide tire. Due to the broad nature, these tires will not roll that fast, which can be an issue if you are all about speed. But the good news is that the case is not the same for the road bike models. Those will come with a narrow tire, lowering the overall rolling resistance of the bike.


Although the frames of the Schwinn bicycles will be highly ergonomic, they can be a little inadequate for the tall and big guys. For some models, you might not have enough room for pedaling uphill if you do not have the average height. But again, if you are tall and big, you would be looking for a special bike.


Schwinn bikes are pretty famous for being highly reliable and high in quality. And the good things you have heard about the models are all true! You can not certainly go wrong with the purchase. So, a one-word answer to the question of is Schwinn a good bike brand would be yes!

That said, you do not have to spend a ton to get your hands on one of these quality bikes. All you need to do is look for deals on the website and the physical stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the direct competitor of Schwinn bicycles?

A direct competitor of Schwinn would be Huffy Bikes. Like Schwinn, Huffy Bikes will utilize high-end components and rely on high-grade materials for the build. However, if you do compare Schwinn and Huffy head to head, Schwinn will have a little edge. And the main reason behind that is durability and design.

How can I tell if a Schwinn cycle is vintage or not?

It is pretty easy to tell whether a Schwinn model is vintage. You just need to work with the serial number. It will usually be under the bottom bracket, just where the chain-side dropout is present. And in some models, it might even be on the head tube. Put that code on the Schwinn Date Code site, and you can learn about the bike.

What is the average price of a Schwinn cycle?

The price will highly depend on the model. For example, if you are going for vintage, you will be looking to spend at least $1000. Some vintage models easily go for $3000 as well! However, a $200 to $500 budget should be good enough if you want to get the regular options from Schwinn.

Is Trek better than Schwinn?

The thing is, both Trek and Schwinn make good bikes. But they aim for different riders. So, you can not really put the two brands head to head and expect one to overthrow the other.

Are old Schwinn cycles worth it?

Yes! If you find an old Schwinn bike, there is a high chance it is a “vintage” model. So, you should definitely pull the trigger if the bicycle is in good shape and has little to no signs of damage on it.