Lesoos FatSky Electric Fat Tire Pro Bike Review (Updated 2022)

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Are you searching for an affordable electric fat tire bike? Great, we have an excellent recommendation.

Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike – Lesoos FatSky is an awesome ebike for outdoor adventurers. It’ll get you through any terrain and allow you to experience the freedom of riding an ebike. With its unique design and powerful motor, the sky is the limit when you’re riding this Lesoos ebike. The best part is that it costs less than $1000.

Lesoos Speed


  • 500-watt motor
  • 120mm front suspension fork
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame and front triangle with a tapered head tube
  • Shimano 7-speed and three working modes
  • Detachable 48-volt Li-ion battery
  • Maximum payload of 149 kg (330 lbs.)
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Two-step folding design
  • Bluetooth JOYSTICK Technology
  • Water-resistant rating of IPX3
  • Dual shock absorber
  • Designed with a sleek and modern look


The frame material is made of 6061 aluminum that is lightweight and strong. You can rely on this bike as it’s sturdy and reliable under different field riding conditions. With less than 10 kg in weight, riding this ebike will not make you feel tired. The comfortable handlebar design makes the bike easier to control.

Also, the frame has a matte black powder coat finish and is durable, and the chainstays have been gusseted to increase lateral stability. The large-diameter wheels ensure a smooth ride over rough terrain while doubling as fenders. They improve the rider’s ability to go off-road.

Lesoos ebike

Battery and Motor

This folding fat tire electric bike from Lesoos is a high-quality four-wheel bike! This electric bicycle has pedal-assist or throttle-powered modes. With the amazing 48V battery, you can ride 50 miles with pedal assist or 37 miles on electric mode on one charge.

The battery takes between four and six hours to charge fully. It’s equipped with a 500-watt motor and a torque sensor that adjusts output power according to the rider’s pedaling force.


Thanks to its mighty chainless motor and powerful fat tires, it can speed will be up to 32 mph (52 km/h). You’ll never be out of breath with its seven-speed Shimano gears.

Also, you’ll enjoy the thrill of speeding through mud, snow, and gravel, thanks to this electric bike’s excellent suspension system. You can choose from seven different speeds, depending on the terrain. This way, you’ll always be riding at the perfect comfortable speed for you.


The Fat Sky Electric Fat Tire Bike is the ultimate blend of power and comfort. A full-suspension mountain bike that can take you across vast landscapes.

The custom saddle combined with the monorail for the seat post and head tube allows for a more natural feel. Also, it has adjustment points for optimal riding positions through different terrains.

Ebike Lesoos


It comes fully equipped with a digital display thatt shows how fast you’re going, how far you’ve traveled, and how high your mileage is. It indicates the battery power and the temperature outside.

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MTB Lesoos

Brake System

You don’t have to worry about locking the front wheel when you want to stop. This ebike offers complete front and rear disc brakes. It also has integrated thumb shifters that allow you to change gears easily, even when riding!

Folding Design

Transporting a bike can be tricky. Carrying it in the back of an SUV or stuffing it into a tiny car trunk can cause damage to your precious electric bike.

It has an easy two-folding design that allows you to fit your bike into almost any vehicle easily. The frame’s folding joint is made from steel, which means it’s built to last through years of use.

Fat Tires

The rims of the wheels on this Lesoos ebike have been crafted using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. They are fitted with extra-thick, 20″ x 4.0″ tires, designed for your ultimate protection and comfort.


  • Affordable (Less than $1000)
  • Excellent for all kinds of terrain
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Fat tires increase grip
  • The e-bike’s display is multifunctional
  • It’s easy to store
  • It’s waterproof and rustproof

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With this fat tire electric bike, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a thrilling outdoor experience while on your workouts or daily commutes. So, it’s highly recommended.

If you are looking for a high-quality electric fat tire bike, consider this option by Lesoos. It’ll give you a great outdoor experience and last for years to come. This Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike carries all the crucial features you want while keeping the price under control. Have fun shopping!