Schwinn Wayfarer Review – Schwinn Hybrid Bike (Updated 2022)

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Approximately 364000 bicycles are produced daily in the United States, according to certain research. With the huge number of bikes flooding the market each day, it’s quite daunting to find ‘a perfect one’ that has it all. However, there is one that ticks off everything you are looking for in a bicycle; the Schwinn Wayfarer Bike.

This premium hybrid bicycle has all the features you would want in both a mountain bike and a road bike, making it perfect for mountain biking and trail riding. We went ahead and put together a detailed Schwinn Wayfarer review that will give you an in-depth look at everything about this high-end bicycle.

Schwinn Wayfarer Review
(4.1*rating from over 1423 reviews)

What to like about Schwinn Wayfarer

  • It is affordable (Less than $500)
  • Durable and lightweight step-over frame and an aluminum step-through frame option.
  • Vintage-inspired chic design.
  • 7-SRAM twist shifters with rear Shimano derailleur for smooth speed and gear shifting.
  • Alloy front and rear linear-pull brakes that stopping and starting the bike a breeze.
  • Durable 700c tires that provide smooth rides on city streets.
  • A pair of fenders for protection from dirt, mud, and water.
  • Rear cargo rack that allows users to strap their belongings on to the bike.
  • A limited lifetime warranty.

Features – Schwinn Wayfarer 

Since making its debut back in 1895, the Schwinn company has made it its priority to develop bicycles that allow cyclists worldwide to experience the freedom and confidence that comes from riding a bike. So, the manufacturers of the Schwinn Wayfarer Bike took the best bits from both a road bike and a mountain bike to create a bicycle that is comfortable enough to go off-road cycling, casual riding around your neighborhood, or commute to and from work and run some errands around town.

So, how about diving into the features of this bicycle, shall we?

  1. Frame

A bicycle frame is the centerpiece of the entire bike; that is why manufacturers make sure that they have the right material for this vital component. The Schwinn Wayfarer Bike features an 18-inch steel retro city frame that is durable, comfortable, and lightweight.

Steel is best known for its durability. It is also highly resistant to fatigue, making it even more long-lasting. The material is very easy to repair compared to other bike frame materials. Most people assume that steel bike frames are heavy, but that is not quite the case.

Since the material has gone through the processes of butting and shaping, it is actually very lightweight, allowing you to ride more smoothly and quickly with less effort. However, this material’s downside is that it is not stiff, and it rusts very quickly. What’s more, the frame’s position helps you keep your neck and spine aligned, reducing the risk of experiencing neck and back pain.

Apart from the steel frame, both the Schwinn wayfarer men’s bike and the Schwinn wayfarer 700c women’s hybrid bike have a 16-inch aluminum step-through frame option. This frame plays a critical role in providing extra comfort, especially in women’s bikes. For starters, the frame allows you easily get on and off the bicycle saddle. It also prevents you from stretching and ripping your clothes, especially a skirt when climbing onto the saddle, making it one of the best commuter bikes in the market.

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  1. Wheels and tires

Both the Schwinn wayfarer women’s and men’s bikes come with a pair of 700c tires, which is equivalent to approximately 28 inches. The tires have excellent grip and stability, allowing more effortless acceleration, especially when climbing up a steep hill. What’s more, the tires easily navigate wet city pavements and other slippery terrains, making it an ideal bicycle for commuting to and from work.

The Schwinn city bike’s tires also have less rolling resistance and excellent rollover capability, allowing you to smoothly ride through pavements. They also have incredible tire pressure that prevents you from having punctures during your cycling adventures. The bike also comes with aluminum alloy wheels with rims for faster riding.

  1. Saddle

Another feature that the Schwinn city bike takes pride in is the saddle. The seat has an extra foam filling that provides extra cushioning. It also has elastomeric springs that prevent you from feeling any bumps on the road, enhancing the bicycle’s overall comfort. However, some Schwinn Wayfarer buyers have pointed out that the seat is a bit hard.

The saddle is also cut out at the base, enabling it to relieve any pressure that you may feel while cycling on the roads’ bumpy areas. What’s more, the seat is positioned in a way that keeps your spine and neck upright, enabling you to have better visibility of the road, and prevents you from having any neck and back pains. The seat also features an adjustable seat post that allows you to adjust the height whenever you want to.

  1. Speed

Like most other Schwinn hybrid bicycles, both the Schwinn Wayfarer women’s and men’s bikes come with 7-SRAM twist shifters with a Shimano rear derailleur for extra safety and complete control of the bike. Most Schwinn wayfarer 700c women’s hybrid bike reviews have pointed out that this bike’s speed is just enough, especially when riding on city streets. This system also allows you to smoothly change gears while cycling, enabling you to have absolute control over your bicycle.

However, some reviews have mentioned that the system does provide enough speed to climb up steep hills while engaging in off-road riding.

  1. Handlebars

The manufacturers of Schwinn Wayfarer Bikes are keen on comfort; that is why they paid close attention while designing the handlebars. For starters, the handlebar can be swept back to bring it closer to the seat. This helps you maintain an upright posture while cycling, preventing you from straining your neck and spine. They are also designed to allow you to have a better grip, helping you have better control of your bicycle.

  1. Rear Rack

Schwinn bicycles are all about convenience and style. That is why the Schwinn Wayfarer bike features a rear rack. The rack allows you to easily strap your briefcase, handbag, or a bag of groceries on your bicycle, sparing you the trouble of carrying it.

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  1. Fenders

The Schwinn wayfarer bike also features full-wrap front and rear fenders that protect your shoes and clothes from dust, dirt, or water. This allows you to ride your bicycle in all weather types, without the fear of your shoes or clothes being ruined. What’s more, they also reduce the amount of dust, and mud sprayed onto the moving components of your bicycle like the pedals. This helps prolong their lifespan, and also helps you save money that you would otherwise have to spend on maintenance.

  1. Brakes

Apart from the tires, the brakes are very important in commuter bicycles. Well, the manufacturers of both the Schwinn wayfarer men’s bike and the Schwinn wayfarer women’s 700c hybrid bike had that in mind; that is why they included alloy front and rear linear-pull brakes. These brakes have serious stopping power that you can rely on.

What’s more, they also provide excellent heat dissipation that reduces the chances of brake failure. This also increases the lifespan of the tires by making them cooler. These brakes are also very easy to repair. The Schwinn Wayfarer bike’s brakes are made of aluminum alloy material that is best known for being corrosion-resistant, which increases their lifespan.

  1. Suspension

Like most other Schwinn hybrid bikes, the Schwinn wayfarer bicycle features a suspension fork for extra stability and comfort while riding. The suspension fork plays a very important role in ensuring that you have a smooth ride by absorbing impacts from uneven road sections. The suspension fork also enables the wheels to follow the curves of the terrain without causing a lot of movement of the other bike components. What’s more, it helps you have more control over your bike, especially while cycling on rougher surfaces.

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Style and Design of Schwinn Wayfarer 

When it comes to style, it all comes down to a lot of personal preferences. Fortunately, the Schwinn Wayfarer bike has been crafted to suit every cyclist’s fashion taste. The bike has a chic vintage-inspired design that is guaranteed to blend in with your day-to-day style. It also comes in various colors like mint, black, and white, to mention a few. So, you definitely cannot miss one that suits your style.

Schwinn Wayfarer Performance

The Schwinn wayfarer bike performs reasonably well, according to most Schwinn wayfarer reviews. For starters, the frame is made of durable material, and it’s very lightweight. The handlebars can be swept back, preventing you from bending your back while riding. The seat is also very comfortable. The 700c tires do a great job on city streets but do not work well on uneven terrains.

The brakes also work very well, although some reviews have mentioned that they are difficult to adjust. The fenders also do a great job of protecting your shoes and clothes from dirt, dust, and water. However, some customers have pointed out that they are not that sturdy. In simple terms, this bike works perfectly well for a bicycle of its caliber.


Like most other Schwinn bicycles, the Schwinn wayfarer bike does not come assembled. However, the good thing is they have provided a detailed step-by-step guide that even includes images on how to assemble both on their website and inside the package. Most Schwinn wayfarer reviews recommend that you have a professional assemble the bicycle for you since it can be tedious if not done correctly.

Schwinn Wayfarer Bike Specifications

  • Item package measurements L×W×H: 58×34×10.5 inches
  • Package Weight: 54 pounds
  • Bicycle measurements L×W×H: 70×25.5×43 inches
  • Bicycle weight: 44 pounds
  • Frame material: Steel
  • Frame size: 18- inch or 16- inch option
  • Frame style: Step-over or Step-through option
  • Derailleur: Shimano
  • Speed: 7
  • Shifter: SRAM twist shifters
  • Rims Material: Alloy
  • Wheel Material: Alloy
  • Tire size: 700c
  • Brakes: Alloy and Linear pull
  • Warranty Description: Limited

What are some of the complaints?

  • Some customers have pointed out that the rear Shimano derailleur fails frequently.
  • The brakes are difficult to adjust.
  • The tires cannot withstand uneven surfaces.
  • Some customers have complained that the fenders are not sturdy.
  • The installation process can be long and tiring if it’s done correctly.

Final thoughts on Schwinn Wayfarer

Since its launch in 2019, the Schwinn Wayfarer Bike has managed to stand out in a sea of high-end hybrid bikes because it offers what seems to be an impossible mix elsewhere; style, convenience, and of course safety.  Apart from the basic features that it offers like the 7-speed gear system, handlebars, saddle, to mention a couple, this one of a kind bicycle offers extra features like the Step-through frame option, the rear rack, and fenders, making it one of the best-selling bikes in the market. In simple words, this is a bike that is perfect for cruising around the neighborhood, riding to a favorite cycling destination, and commuting to and from work.