6 Best SPD Pedals for Peloton Bike

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Peloton bikes originally come with Look delta pedals, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is why many riders go out of their way to replace the pedals with something more unique and comfortable. 

spd pedals for peloton

Trust us, we’ve been there, and we know the struggles of riding with original Peloton cycling pedals. This is why you can count on us to help you find the best SPD pedals for Peloton.

We’ve tested 6 amazing SPD pedals that are not only going to be comfortable for your everyday ride but will be perfectly compatible with your Peloton bike. 

Among the 6 incredible options, the Wellgo E003 is our top pick. Thanks to its easy adjustability and effortless installation, this one has truly captured our hearts.

Keep reading to find out about all the spd pedals for peloton you can consider for your next ride.

6 Best SPD Pedals for Peloton Bike

Looking for the finest SPD pedals to replace your original cycling Peloton pedals? Don’t worry, because we’ve got your back. Have a look at some of the most incredible SPD pedals that can change your excursion game:

Wellgo WPD-E003 Shimano SPD Compatible Pedals – Best Overall

Key Features

  • Tough and robust construction
  • Compatible with Peloton bike
  • Perfect fit for spin bikes
  • Well suited for SPD cleats
  • Can be used clipped or clipless

These heavy-duty pedals are a perfect match for your Peloton bikes. If you’ve been searching for SPD compatible pedals for your Shimano, this is the best option for you.

Starting from its incredible features to its innovative design, everything about this pedal set speaks sophistication. Especially with stationary bikes, these pedals are a heavenly match. 

These pedals are equipped with toe cages which allow riders to use them with casual shoes easily. A unique feature like this can definitely make your ride more comfortable.


  • Durable and long-lasting framework
  • Simple and easy installation process
  • Provision of toe cages for casual shoes
  • Can be adjusted according to rider comfort


  • Difficult to clip the cleats 

Who Should Buy It?

These pedals are a perfect option for those who want something comfortable to go with their Peloton bikes. If you’re a regular biker and need something heavy-duty yet satisfying experience, this one should be your companion.

Venzo Fitness SPD Compatible Pedals– Best for Durability 

Key Features

  • Compatible with SPD cleats
  • Heavy-duty aluminum die-cast material
  • Toe cages for casual shoes
  • Adjustable strap design
  • Can ride with clipless shoes

Here, we have the Fitness SPD compatible pedal set by Venzo. Riders who frequently replace their pedals are quite familiar with this brand. Venzo has been designing good quality pedals for a long time, and this one is no exception.

The best thing about these pedals is that they come with toe clips and cleats. This makes it easier for amateur riders who face complications in selecting additional toe clips or cleats. These pedals have been designed keeping spin bikes in mind. 

One of the main reasons why bikers are drawn to these pedals is their durability. Built with a die-cast aluminum body, these pedals are highly durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the presence of sealed bearings and a heavy-duty axle makes these pedals hard-wearing.


  • Wide platform for maximum stability
  • Offers a smooth biking experience
  • Cleat’s tension can be adjusted
  • Durable aluminum material
  • Easy to install


  • Makes a slight squeaky sound

Who Should Buy It?

Both beginners and professionals can use these pedals from Venzo. This is a perfect option, especially for owners of spin bikes who want something heavy-duty and enduring.

VENZO 3 in 1 Look Delta SPD Spin Bike Bicycle Pedals -Best Value

Key Features

  • Multi-function set with 4 different pedal options
  • Creative cage removal tool included
  • Additional toe clip cages 
  • Sealed bearings 
  • Adjustable cage design
  • Compatible with Peloton Bike

Another one by Venzo, this one is a remarkable option for bikers who want something effective yet affordable. This multi-function set is best for beginners as well as professional riders.

This set comes with pairs of Look Delta & Shimano SPD Compatible Pedals, 9-degree Cleats, Toe Clips Cages, and Shimano SPD Compatible Cleats. So, you can get 4 options to choose from according to your convenience. 

The best thing about the pedals is the width and material of the cages. Built with heavy-duty plastic and wide cage size, you can’t be disappointed with them. The cage size and the adjustment range allow riders to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant ride even if they have large feet.


  • Comes with adjustable cleats tension
  • Quality cage removal tool with comfortable handles
  • Cages are adjustable according to user convenience
  • Good quality aluminum material


  • May make noises on the first few rides

Who Should Buy It?

Riders with spin bikes and road bikes can enjoy using these pedals. Especially if you like sharing your bike with a friend or family member with a different Shimano clip-in system, this one can be a perfect option.

BV Bike Shimano SPD Compatible Pedals – Best for Versatility

Key Features

  • Compatible with SDP cleats
  • Adjustable clip in tension
  • Strong aluminum construction
  • Pre-installed and removable toe clips
  • Strong, removable nylon straps

BV Store has gained a lot of fame recently for its SPD compatible pedals. With an excellent structure and user-friendly features, these pedals are the best fit for your Peloton bike.

Built with ED-painted aluminum, these pedals are quite durable and tough. With these pedals, you can ride with casual shoes or clip shoes-whatever suits you best. Moreover, the pedal straps are made of excellent quality nylon. You also get a pair of SDP cleats with these pedals, which is amazing.

The toe clips are already installed on the pedals, so you don’t have to work so hard to set the pedals up. Besides, you can remove the clips whenever you want — so that’s a plus.


  • Large platform for maximum stability
  • Can be used with both SPD and casual shoes
  • Toe cage can fit all shoe sizes
  • Easy clipping in and out
  • Durable pedal straps


  • Clip-in tension is not appropriate for novices

Who Should Buy It?

These pedals are suitable for all kinds of bikes because of their versatility. Especially if you’re a professional rider, you will be highly impressed with all of its interesting features.

SHIMANO Unisex – Adult’s PD-RS500 SPD-SL Road Bike Pedal – Best Quality 

Key Features

  • Large platform
  • Lighter Spring Tension
  • Low-profile Cleats
  • Compatible with 3-Bolt SPD-SL system
  • Single Sided Binding
  • Chromoly Steel Pedal Axle

In terms of quality, Shimano designs the best pedals. Their Unisex PD-RS500 pedal is one of their bestsellers because of its impeccable design and features.

With Shimano unisex, you get an extra-wide platform that allows you more stability during riding. It features a chromoly steel pedal axle that increases your pedaling efficiency. Clipping in and out is quite easy with these pedals due to the ultralight spring tension.

The pedals are equipped with sealed bearings that offer the smoothest ride ever. Weighing only 1.76 ounces, these pedals are quite lightweight and compact. You also get a set of cleats with these pedals, making your new journey easier.


  • Simple and easy installation process
  • Cleat tension can be adjusted
  • High stability due to wide platform
  • Large entry target


  • Requires grease or oil for clipping on the first few tries

Who Should Buy It?

These pedals have been designed particularly for road bikes. So, if you own a road bike, you can definitely count on these pedals by Shimano to offer the best riding experience.

MARQUE Duo Indoor Bike Pedals – Best for Comfort

Key Features

  • Compatible with Look Delta System Shoes
  • Compatible with Shimano SPD System Shoes
  • Adjustable Cleats Tension
  • Precision Quality Aluminum Construction
  • Sealed Bearings

Last but not least, we have the indoor bike pedals from Marque. These bike pedals are one of the most interesting pedals you’ll see in the market, mainly because of their dual function.

These pedals work with Look Delta compatible cleats and Shimano SDP cleats. So, if you share your bikes with users that have different pedal systems, these pedals can make things easier for you.

Built with a strong aluminum body, these pedals can last you for quite a long time. You also get a heavy-duty cromolyn axle and sealed bearings that increase the efficiency of the pedals.

Besides, installing the pedals is very easy and does not require any complicated tasks.


  • Tough and powerful aluminum material
  • Heavy-duty axle for maximum performance
  • Effortless installation
  • Perfect clip in and out can be achieved
  • Adjustable cage design


  • Not recommended for outdoor cycling

Who Should Buy It?

These pedals are designed keeping indoor bikes in mind. Any indoor bike with a 9/16” spindle can work with these pedals. So, if you own fitness and exercise bikes, these pedals can provide you with a whole new riding experience.

Buying Guide

Now that you’re acquainted with some of the best SPD pedals out there, let’s have a look at some of the factors you should consider before choosing one for your Peloton bike.

Here are some of the things you should look for before buying SPD pedals for your bike —

Compatibility with Peloton Bike

When it comes to choosing the best pedals for Peloton bikes, the first thing you should look for is compatibility. If your new pedals are not compatible with Peloton bikes, then they are a total waste.

Make sure that the cage size is adjustable and the toe clips can be adjusted to fit the shoe size. It is a good idea to settle for pedals that support dual function. Another thing you should confirm is the size of the spindle. 

The pedals compatible with Peloton bikes should not have a very large or very small spindle. It should be close to the size of the crank of the Peloton bike.

Anything bigger or smaller than the crank would turn out to damage the parts of the bike and cause a hindrance to the ride. So, make sure you check the compatibility of the pedals before buying them.

Quality and Durability

The next most important thing you should check out before selecting pedals for your bike is the quality. 

The quality and durability of the pedals depend on the material of the pedals. Most good quality pedals are built with aluminum materials. You can also find high-quality pedals in carbon and magnesium. When pedals are made with good quality materials, they can withstand years of use and last for a long time.

The Float of the Pedals

Another thing you should check before buying SPD pedals is the float.

The float of the pedals determines the rotation of your foot during riding to offer a smooth and stable riding experience.

So, before choosing pedals for your peloton bike, make sure you check that the pedals have some amount of float present within them. 


Cost is another important aspect to consider when it comes to selecting SPD pedals. Rather than going for a very cheap pedal set, it is better to wait and save up to buy a good quality one. 

If you opt for a cheaper and low-quality product, you will end up spending more. So, try choosing something that has a reasonable price but is better in terms of quality.


Warranty of any product matters a lot. The same applies to SPD pedals as well. The reason why a warranty is important is that it reflects the confidence of the manufacturer regarding the quality of the product. You can also claim to get a replacement within the warranty period.

Both Well-go and Venzo offer warranty periods of 2-years. Before choosing pedals for your bike, make sure you check out the warranty period just to make sure that you’re getting products from good hands.


Bringing the discussion to the end, it can be said that choosing the right SPD pedals for Peloton bike can make a huge difference. You can obtain a more precise control and enjoy a smooth ride with the right pedals. 

We strongly recommend going for the Wellgo SPD Peloton pedals for your everyday ride. 

Starting from its unique design, simple installation to its strong compatibility with Peloton bikes — there’s nothing disappointing about this product. So, check out Wellgo WPD-E003 on Amazon today and see the difference in your biking game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put any pedals on the Peloton?

Yes, you can put almost any kind of pedal on the Peloton as long as it has a standard 9/16 inch spindle size. You can detach the former pedals and install new and effective ones to achieve maximum performance.

Are SPD pedals better and more effective?

In comparison to regular pedals, SPD pedals are far more effective. These pedals provide maximum pedaling efficiency and a higher level of comfort compared to regular pedals.

Besides, SPD pedals are safer and they ensure that every rider has a smooth riding experience. They have a wider platform that allows better stability as well. 

Can you wear regular shoes with an SPD pedal?

You can definitely wear your regular shoes with an SPD pedal, but the results will be uncomfortable and not a safe idea. Most people think that wearing regular shoes will give a comfortable experience to bikers, but that is never the case.

There will be chances of your feet slipping off the pedal, and even during cycling, the feet will feel very uncomfortable. So, it is better to avoid regular shoes with SPD pedals and just stick to the shoes made for SPD pedals.

Can you change the pedals on a Peloton bike?

 Yes, you can change the pedals on a Peloton bike as long as you get the spindle size right. 

There are tons of pedals compatible with Peloton bikes in the market. These pedals are built with specific spindle sizes, toe clips, and so on. By going through the specifications of the pedals, you can easily find out if they are compatible with your Peloton bike.

Can you put SPD pedals on a peloton bike?

Yes, you can put SPD pedals on a peloton bike. Nowadays many brands are designing SPD pedals with features that can be accommodated on a peloton bike. Most of these pedals are pre-installed with toe clips and straps to make the process easier.

If you pick these pedals for your Peloton bike, you can put them easily on the bikes.

Does changing pedals void Peloton warranty?

Most of the time, changing pedals will keep the warranty of bikes intact. But in some cases, it is expected to void the Peloton warranty. So, make sure you go through the instructions of the respective SPD pedals to have an idea about the warranty.