Thousand Helmet Reviews (Updated 2022)

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If you are a cyclist, chances are you just loathe helmets. From how heavy it is on your head to the lack of proper ventilation, helmets are more of a hindrance than a help for most cyclists. According to the New York Times, 97 percent of cycling deaths and 87 percent of serious injuries occur to cyclists who did not wear helmets. This means that regardless of how careful you are while cycling, you still need a helmet.

There are many bicycle helmets out in the market, so finding one that is comfortable, lightweight, and of course, stylish can be a daunting task. Below is a comprehensive review of the Thousand Helmets, that will give you an extensive look at everything you need to know about one of the well-known helmet brands in the market today.

History of the Thousand Bike Helmets

Thousand bike helmet is undoubtedly one of the bestselling helmets in the United States and beyond, but just what is the story behind this product’s existence?

Like most cyclists, Gloria Hwang, the founder of Thousand, did not like wearing a helmet mainly because of how bulky, uncomfortable, and ugly they were. But after losing a very close friend to a fatal bicycle accident, Gloria knew she had to start minding her safety and that of others around her.

However, she knew that most people were not comfortable wearing the helmets available in the market, just like herself. That was when she began designing helmets that are comfortable, lightweight, and of course, stylish. She then partnered with Amar Patel and named their company ‘Thousand’ which represents their goal of saving 1000 lives by designing helmets that cycling enthusiasts would want to wear.

In 2015, Thousand launched a Kickstarter campaign that aimed at raising $20,000 to cater to their manufacturing expenses. Surprisingly, they reached their goal in just nine hours and ended up raising $230,000. Since then, the company continues to fulfill its mission to design bicycle helmets that are functional and convenient for cyclists of all levels.

Thousand Helmets Models

1.Thousand Heritage Helmets

Thousand Heritage Helmets

The Thousand Heritage Helmet is the first, and of course, the cheapest helmet collection by Thousand. It is a simpler model compared to the Chapter Collection, but it still has almost all the fantastic features that the other collection has. It features a simple but stylish design because of its vintage-inspired look. What’s more, it comes in 12 different colors, so you cannot miss one that suits your taste.

It also has excellent ventilation and a couple of extra features like the integrated visor that protects your eyes and face from the sun. So, if you are looking for a simple but stylish bike helmet, this should be your go-to helmet.

2. Thousand Chapter Helmets

 Thousand Chapter Helmets

This helmet is a more advanced and more expensive model, mainly because of the extra features that the Heritage collection does not have. These additional features include a Multi-Directional  Impact Protection System (MIPS). This system allows your head to have some degree of rotation inside the helmet to help reduce the trauma to your brain caused by various impacts. It also has more ventilation holes than the Heritage collection.

It comes with a USB-rechargeable magnetic LED taillight, which is very helpful, especially when you are riding at night or in areas with poor lighting.

It is also removable, allowing you to recharge it easily. The Chapter helmet collection is smaller in size and lightweight compared to the Heritage collection. It comes in three colors, which is a downside according to most thousand bike helmet reviews since there aren’t many colors to choose from.

FeaturesThousand Helmet Reviews

a) Magnetic Chin Strap Buckle

Typically, magnetic chin strap buckles are found in helmets specifically designed for children. So, the Thousand helmet is one of the few adult helmets that have magnetic strap buckles. This German engineered feature allows you to effortlessly buckle and unbuckle the straps with one hand, making this helmet perfect for people with hand injuries or arthritis. It also prevents you from accidentally pinching your finger or your neck skin.

However, some thousand helmet reviews are quite skeptical about the buckle’s safety level, especially in intense situations like accidents. While it is strong enough, no user has reported whether the buckle opens or not if one gets involved in an accident.

b) Thousand Secret PopLock

Like most cyclists, you are probably torn between leaving your helmet behind and risk it getting stolen or carrying it around. Well, Thousand helmet has a permanent solution to that, thanks to its secret PopLock. The pop lock channel is positioned behind the logo mark, so it perfectly blends in with the overall design of the helmet. The channel is 1″ diameter, so any lock, whether it is a U-lock, chain lock, or cable lock can easily fit through it. All the thousand helmets have an anti-theft guarantee, so in case it is stolen, you get a replacement at no extra cost.

c) Integrated Dial Fit System

Any cycling enthusiast knows too well if a helmet has straps that do not fit correctly, then it is just as good as useless. Thousand helmet manufacturers understand that every head is different; that is why they added an integrated dial fit system to their helmets. This allows you to make adjustments to the straps for a comfortable fit. All you need to do is to dial clockwise to tighten the belts and anticlockwise to loosen them.

d) Vegan Leather Straps

Another feature that makes the Thousand helmets unique is the vegan leather straps. Typically, most helmets out in the market have nylon straps. However, thousand has used vegan material, a leather substitute that is made entirely of eco-friendly synthetic materials. According to most thousand bike helmet reviews, it really spells out what the company stands for, which is creating high-quality gear without necessarily harming the planet.

The straps are very comfortable, breathable, and water-resistant, so it’s very easy to clean, and you do not have to worry about your sweat soaking into the material. The material has a smooth and sleek design, making it look more expensive than it actually is. It’s essential to keep in mind that it is the Heritage collection that has vegan leather straps. The new and improved chapter collection has the typical nylon straps.

e) Thousand Ventilation Holes

Thousand is keen on ensuring that their gear is very comfortable, which is why they have made it their priority to ensure that the helmets have proper ventilation. The number of ventilation holes and the design are different in both collections. The thousand heritage helmet collection has a total of 7 rectangular ventilation holes. In contrast, the thousand chapter helmet collection has eight holes that are quite larger and more aggressive than those on the heritage collection. Regardless of the differences, both helmets do a great job of providing proper ventilation, especially during hot days.

f) Visors

Visors are a significant feature of helmets because they protect your face and eyes from the sun, dust, and rain. Thousand helmets have a stylish visor compared to the typical visors in other helmets that make you look dorky. Like most other features, the visors in the two helmet collections are designed differently. The heritage helmets have built-in visors, while the chapter helmets have removable ones.

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g) Safety Standards: CPSC, ASTM F1492, and CE EN 1078 Standards

Thousand company not only aims at making stylish helmets but ones that are safe and can curb the impact of bicycle-related accidents. This is why they have designed their products to meet the CPSC, ASTM F1492, and CE EN 1078 safety standards. Let’s take a look at these safety standards in detail, shall we?

The Heritage Collection

  • CE EN 1078- This means that the helmets are certified for cycling, skateboarding, and roller skating in Europe.
  • CPCS- This means that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has certified the collection for BMX and Mountain biking in North America.
  • ASTM F1492- This indicates that the collection is certified for roller or in-line skating and skateboarding in North America.

The Chapter Collection

  • CE EN 1078- This collection is certified for skateboarding, cycling, and roller skating in Europe.
  • CPSC- The collection is certified for Mountain and BMX biking in North America.
    1. Helmet sizing, Comfort/Cushioning, and Fit

Like most helmets out in the market, thousand has three sizes; Small, Medium, and Large. They have a detailed size chart that you can refer to for you to get the perfect fit. Most thousand bike helmet reviews recommend that if you are in between two sizes, then you should go for a smaller size.

Both collections come with thicker padding for extra comfort and fit. The manufacturers have gone the extra mile and included separate thicker padding that you can easily swap them with the added padding for the perfect fit and extra comfort. What’s more, they are washable, and the padding does not change the size of the helmet, so you do not have to worry about it getting heavy.

The adjustable straps and the integrated dial fit system are also beneficial when finding the perfect fit. All you have to do is adjust the straps using the system to find the ideal fit.

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  • The Heritage collection has a vintage-inspired design, while the Chapter collection has a sleek matte finish that any cyclist would feel comfortable wearing one.
  • The integrated dial fit system, the adjustable straps, and the separate padding provide the perfect fit and extra comfort.
  • The helmets have perfectly designed ventilation holes that provide ventilation even during hot days.
  • The secret poplock blends seamlessly with the overall design of the helmet and easily allows one to lock the helmet using any lock in the market.
  • The magnetic chin strap buckle, allows one to easily buckle and unbuckle it with one hand without pinching your finger or neck skin.
  • The Heritage collection comes with a breathable, water-resistant, and eco-friendly vegan leather strap that is comfortable and easy to clean.
  • The helmets come with an anti-theft guarantee and a 1-year limited guarantee in case of theft or manufacture-related faults.


  • Some customers have complained that the chapter helmets are expensive.
  • Some customers have reported that the straps in both helmets do not last long.
  • Both helmets scuff easily.
  • Some customers find the magnetic chin strap to be uncomfortable.

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Final Thoughts on Thousand Helmets

Thousand has managed to find a gap in the market and has been able to fill it successfully. While other companies have produced excellent helmets, there is no doubt that this company has managed to top the charts with its exceptional products. Thousand has been able to flawlessly merge style, safety, and convenience together by making stylish helmets that can fit in seamlessly with your day-to-day style, and including extra features that are guaranteed to keep you safe while you make the most out of your cycling experience.