What Is Cyberstalking and How to Stop Online Stalkers

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As a general rule, don’t accept friend requests Costa Rican brides from people you haven’t met in person. There are several existing laws across the US and UK that target cyberstalkers. While cyberstalking laws in the US vary from state to state, stalking and harassment are a criminal offense in all 50 states. Similar to patterns seen in physical stalking, the majority of cyberstalking victims are female. Online stalking, also known as cyberstalking or online harassment, is a problem that has largely arisen as part of the internet era. Just like offline stalking, it can have a devastating impact on victims.

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  • Once you are friends, however, you automatically have access to each other’s locations on Snap Maps.
  • Over time, the messages may become systematic, sustained and repetitive and take on an increasingly intimidating or frightening tone.

It can be easy to lose track of how far you’ve dove into the depths of the internet, but don’t forget that time is valuable, so don’t let yourself waste it. We can have our fun on social media, but it’s good to check ourselves to make sure we’re doing the things we need to get done and also give ourselves precious free time. Ever see a post and think to yourself “Who http://amblelogistics.com/mail-order-brides/mail-order-brides-old-practice-still-seen-as-new-chance-for-a-better-life-for-some-relationships/ is this person? ” I can’t be the only one who follows people simply because we share mutual friends or because we were in the same organization.

The link for understanding where that line is lies in the science of stalking…

California was the first state to do so in 1999 when it introduced a new electronic stalking law under Penal Code 646.9 PC. On December 5, 2019 in Nebraska, 20-year old Alec Eiland received a two-year federal prison sentence for cyberstalking. Eiland used social media to threaten, harass, and stalk two women who had rejected him romantically. Among other things, he demanded nude photos and threatened rape and other acts of violence. He posted one woman’s contact information online alongside an invitation for solicitations for sex. In Utah, Loren Okamura was accused of tormenting Walt Gilmore and his adult daughter online for over a year.

Sometimes my own friends post things that upset me (my toxic trait is fueling my FOMO. Anyone else?). Cyberstalking is a crime is many countries, including the United States. However, legislation to prevent cyberstalking and to punish apprehended cyberstalkers varies from country to country and, in the case of the U.S., even from state to state.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings to recognize when you might need help. If you find yourself obsessing over your stalker or constantly in fear that they’ll return to cause you problems, therapy can help you move on. Rather than using your full name online, consider developing a gender-neutral screen name or pseudonym. By doing so, you are making it harder for people to find you online. You also should leave the optional sections, like your date of birth or your hometown, blank. She has an extensive background in research, with 33 years of experience as a reference librarian and educator. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

Take this opportunity to think about your offline safety. Assessing your home security and being conscious of your personal safety makes sense during the stalking. Work through our Cyberstalking Action Plan – our Cyberstalking Action Plan is a methodology to regain your online privacy, security and confidence. It is designed for those suffering cyberstalking or domestic abuse where there is a cyber element. Cyberstalking specifically isn’t usually what you’d sue them for. Typically, these are lawsuits for “intentional infliction of emotional distress,” which simply means that the person was harassing you because they wanted you to become upset, scared, or stressed out.

Distinguishing cyberstalking from other acts

A conviction can result in a restraining order, probation, or criminal penalties against the assailant, including jail. Cyberstalking specifically has been addressed in recent U.S. federal law. For example, the Violence Against Women Act, passed in 2000, made cyberstalking a part of the federal interstate stalking statute.

One terrifying example involved a man hacking the Ring camera of a Mississippi family and beginning a conversation with an eight-year-old girl. Cyberstalking incidents often involve rejected would-be suitors or former partners. However, a case in Delaware involved an attorney being victimized by a rejected interviewee. Ho Ka Terence Yung launched an attack on the victim, who was an alumni interviewer at a law school that rejected Yung. The victim and his family were subjected to harassment for 18 months. Cyberstalking can have a very serious impact on its victims.

In almost every cyberstalking case, victims feel annoyed at best and fearful at worst. Confusion, anger and anxiety are common among victims.

Through the course of filing your lawsuit, it might also be possible to get a temporary order from the judge that puts a halt to the cyberstalking behavior until your case comes to trial. These are called “preliminary injunctions,” and basically amount to the judge finding that you have enough evidence to prove that your claims have merit. Even though there is not a specific federal law against cyberstalking, there are laws that can be used to prosecute those who engage in cyberstalking.

You should know what to do if someone is stalking you online before it happens. Help yourself by taking a proactive stance against cyberstalkers. Google your name to see what information a potential cyberstalker may find out about you — such as your nickname, phone number, birthday, https://www.asroypratidin.com/30k-asian-women-pictures-download-free-images-on-unsplash/ or address — and learn how Google uses your data. Take action if necessary to remove identifiable information cyberstalkers may find through Google hacking. In many states, you can file for a restraining order against anyone who has stalked or harassed you, even if you do not have a specific relationship with that person.