Why cycling together is a good idea for a date

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Now we are past the worst of the winter weather, with the days becoming longer and the nights shorter, it might be worthwhile focusing on outdoor date ideas. Whether you’ve just connected with someone exciting on a dating site, or you’ve been part of a committed relationship for some time, exploring fresh scenarios will always bring you closer together. This is why cycling is so highly recommended.

Cheap and adventurous alternative to traditional dates

There are few more convenient or economical ways for you and your partner to combine travel and keeping fit than hiring or investing in bicycles, and then devoting time and energy to this fantastic hobby. Society as a whole is becoming eco-friendlier, with the emphasis on moving away from vehicles using fossil fuel for journeys from A to B, and instead focusing on transport using renewable energy.

More and more people are being drawn towards hybrid or electric cars, but the most efficient and environmentally-friendly option of all is cycling. Major cities and towns are increasingly likely to be investing considerable effort and expense into providing bike lanes to accommodate the large numbers of cyclists. Away from the hustle and bustle of urban traffic jams and exhaust fumes, individuals can enjoy taking to cycle trails. The beauty of taking advantage of these outlets is their sheer diversity.

Cycling enthusiasts can return to particular environments they’ve found interesting, or choose alternative routes so that subsequent journeys become thrilling passages of discovery. There are many reasons why this activity is ideal for romantically-inclined couples, with several frequenters from maturedating claiming cycling dates have turned out to be an unconventional and positive experience. Here are some of the many reasons why cycling courses should be factored into your date locations.

Health benefits

  • Relieves stress and prevents depression

Any leisure experience that provides enjoyment and health benefits in equal measures is to be commended. Because you can enjoy cycling as a duet, planning joint outings will instantly provide a sense of collaboration. The anticipation of the routes you could take for your next excursion will also be excellent for self-esteem. In-between your cycling jaunts, you can work on your fitness by attending gym sessions together, trying out various cycling machines to develop the muscles you require to achieve optimum bike efficiency.

These days, these machines are so much more than stationary bicycles – they are proactive appliances that will allow you to measure how many calories you are burning, how your cardiovascular activity fluctuates during each session, and the distance you should be aiming to cover when you take to the road for real. Cycling is a physical workout that is also hugely beneficial for mental health.

  • Increases stamina

Cycling will help hone muscle strength and boost your cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, increasing your stamina levels. Start with low-intensity runs, steadily working your way up to more demanding cycles.

  • Strengthens heart and lungs

The stronger the exercise regime, the greater the rate of blood pumping around your body. This will spread endorphins, as well as other organic chemicals like norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. Building strength in your heart and lungs, the positive impact on your mental wellbeing will be immense.

Important considerations

  • Check the weather forecast

Although modern bicycles are designed to be aerodynamic and able to cope with adverse conditions, you should still check forecasts. Heavy rainfall can transform cycle tracks into quagmires, with deep puddles that can be especially hazardous. Better to plan your next run to coincide with calmer conditions.

  • Get a toolkit

Should you encounter a puncture, a loose chain, faulty brakes, or various other technical issues, you will need to be able to facilitate repairs. Toolkits are compact these days, easily accommodated within a saddlebag. Ensure you have a ready supply of puncture materials, as well as spanners or other items to adjust. Give your equipment regular checks to ensure brakes and gears are working well. Safety gear, such as crash helmets and padding are essential, and never leave home without one of the most crucial accessories of all – a water bottle. Demanding exercise requires you to keep hydrated.

  • Choose a pleasant route

Part of the enjoyment of outings is the way your routes can vary. Before setting off, spend some time poring over the optimum direction. Conduct online searches for specialized areas dedicated to cycling enthusiasts, jotting down a shortlist of the likeliest options. Whether you prefer tranquil waterways, forest trails, or winding courses across rolling countryside, there is bound to be a choice of locations awaiting your attention.

If you decide a particular route is too arduous, simply put it down to experience and head somewhere else next time. After each outing, get together with your partner and review your journey, deciding if it would be worth repeating the experience, or moving on. Why not take along a phone to snap images from a journey you particularly enjoyed so you can remind yourself of the highlights.

  • Keep moderate levels of challenge

Because cycling is such an excellent method of promoting health, an intrinsic aspect of any jaunt should be factoring in levels of challenge. You will soon grow tired of runs that take you along level gradients where there is never anything too taxing. You’ll have a much more rewarding workout if you tackle obstacles requiring more effort, working on that stamina.

  • Grab picnic accessories

Always factor in break times. The key is to treat your cycle outings as relaxing forms of entertainment. Much as they are an excellent form of exercise, you should never lose sight of the fact cycling is a fun activity.

Rather than setting yourself punishing targets, always determine the best places to put your bikes to one side and relax over refreshments. Visit country pubs, coffee shops, or visitor centers. Or you could take along provisions and enjoy the fabulous outdoors when you decide to take a well-earned break.