Why E-Bikes Are Stealing the Show in the Cycling World

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Change is inevitable; change is constant. Change brings us innovation. What was once a simple invention called the “hobby horse” is now one of the most popular ways of transportation and recreation. The bicycle. Loved by everyone, hated by none, but still a subject to change. Although bicycles were already fun and practical, people found a way to make them even more awesome. Basic two-wheelers step aside, there’s a new pedal-assist sheriff in town.

Electric bicycles entered the world of cycling in the 1990s, but it seems like now is their time to shine. Packed to the brim with high-tech features, offering numerous benefits for your health, pockets, and the environment, it’s clear why more and more people decide to jump on the electric cycle wagon. If you’re still pondering if getting an e-bike is worth it, here’s a list of reasons to clear any doubts you might have.

Because You Don’t Need a Permit

Unlike electric cars and motorcycles which require special permits to be operated, an electric bicycle is considered the same as a regular bicycle. This means that after you hunt down the right electric cycle for your needs, you can take it for a ride straight from the store without obtaining a driver’s licence, insurance, or registration. Even if you opt for the fastest 28mph electric cycle, you’re still only required to wear a helmet.  

They Save You Some Big Bucks

Sure, electric bicycles are everything but cheap, but with no permits required and no need for gas, electric bikes can save you a bundle in the long run – I mean cycle, tee-hee. Add parking and maintenance costs to the equation, and you can save up to $50 a week just by swapping your car for an e-bike.

Life’s Too Short to Spend Hours in Traffic

Rush hours traffic is everything but fun. If you own an electric bike, you can cut through the long lines and put the pedal to the medal. Not only that you’ll reach your destination faster, but you also won’t wreck your nerves or arrive gasping for air which leads us to the next point.

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Basic Cycle to Work Isn’t Quite a Joyous Ride


If you’re thinking, well I can cut through traffic with a regular bike too, think about the time when you arrived at your meeting all sweaty and out of breath. When you have a pedal assist, you pedal smarter, not harder, and arrive faster. All that while staying fresh and smelling like daisies, how cool is that. 

You Want to Stay Fit

Unlike other types of electric transportation, such as scooters and skateboards where you mainly sit or stand and let the device put in the hard work, e-biking is a form of exercise. You still need to pedal to move and you still burn calories. Don’t get me wrong, electric scooters and skateboards have their own perks, but if you need to torch some calories, an e-bike is a much better choice.

If you’re still not convinced if electric bikes are good exercise, let the numbers do the talking. Riding an electric bicycle can burn up to 450 calories per hour. That’s only 100 calories less than the amount you’ll burn riding a regular bike. 

Sometimes You Need that Little Extra Push

Even the most devoted athletes sometimes need that little extra push to go beyond their limits. In the cycling world, the pedal-assist option is heaven-sent on days when need a helping hand fighting those headwinds or going up a steep hill. 

Your Joints & Knees Will Thank You

Cycling is one of the most joint-friendly forms of exercise, but if you’re recovering from an injury or suffer from a chronic condition, riding a regular bike can still cause discomfort. That’s why electric bicycles are often recommended to people with arthritic or problematic knees.

You Don’t Want to Pedal 

Some people aren’t big on fitness and exercise and no one’s here to judge. If you’re a proud couch potato but still want to get around the city with ease, you can opt for a moped-style e-bike that is controlled by a throttle. All the fun, zero the work. Yay!

Having a throttle bike can also be very helpful when you’re just too tired to get out and cycle. Just hop on your e-bike and take it easy in the beginning until your legs get in the mood for some cardio. 

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You Are a High-Tech Buff

Got a thing for high-tech features? You’ll be amazed by how far electric bicycle technologies have come. The latest e-bikes on the market will have you stuck for words. Talking about next-gen integrated batteries and high-performance motors that deliver serious power paired with superior materials and stellar geometry. For those who like to keep up with new technologies, buying an e-bike can undoubtedly be an exciting experience.

Because the Environment Needs More Heroes

The final reason why e-bikes are worthy of your consideration is their positive effect on the environment. Using an e-bike as your main way of transportation is an excellent way to reduce your impact. To put it in numbers, if you’re using your car every day to travel 40 miles, you’re responsible for 7000kg of CO2 per year. If you travel the same mileage every day with an e-bike you’re producing less than 300kg of CO2. Imagine the difference if more people switch to e-bikes. Astonishing!


Closing Thoughts on ebikes

All things considered, it’s safe to say that e-bikes deserve all the hype they’re getting these days. While buying an e-bicycle isn’t a small investment, it certainly is a smart one. With that being said, you can now start your hunt for your lean, mean, cycling machine.